Portable Sanitizing Station™ from the National Safety Health & Compliance Commission Helps Combat the Spread of COVID-19

Portable Sanitizing Station™ from the National Safety Health & Compliance Commission Helps Combat the Spread of COVID-19

Smithtown, New York – June 10, 2020 – After months of lockdown, self-isolation and working from home, Americans are eager to get back to work, school and social events. With the risk of COVID-19 contamination still very real, many are reluctant to return to public spaces. A new sanitizing station from the National Safety Health & Compliance Commission can help to significantly reduce those fears.

The Sanitizing Station™ is a sturdily constructed booth which provides a number of top-of-the-line features to help combat the spread of COVID-19. When an individual enters the station, a motion detection sensor is triggered, activating the thermal temperature sensor which provides a contactless fever check. Anyone who has a fever is denied entrance to the facility in which a Sanitizing Station™ is installed. Non-feverish individuals will continue on in the sanitizing process. The individual will take a pre-portioned amount of hand sanitizer from the wall-mounted dispenser. To ensure overall disinfection, an exterior sanitizing mist is sprayed into the station. The mist is an all natural, non-toxic, FDA approved solution which kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. The individual is now cleared to enter the facility.

This unique disinfection equipment makes it easy to enhance employee and client comfort levels thanks to the assurance that all possible sanitization measures have been undertaken. The Sanitizing Station™ is remarkably portable and can be easily installed almost anywhere. The booth measures 43” wide by 75” long, has an FDA compliant accessibility ramp, is positioned on casters for easy portability, comes with non-slip flooring and a heavy duty, clear PVC curtains to contain the sanitizing spray. The sanitizing mist is administered via a large capacity reservoir which can disinfect 3000 individuals before needing to be refilled. Clients can install a single stand-alone station for entrance and exits into low traffic facilities. Higher traffic facilities such as gyms, schools, concert venues, office building and airports can install a bank of Sanitizing Stations™ which can collectively handle up to 3520 individuals per hour.

“These are challenging times and we are all eager to get back to normal, or as close to normal as we can. We all must eventually return to our workplaces, schools, our favorite restaurants and fitness centers. When a business installs a Sanitizing Station™ it is telling clients and employees ‘we welcome you back, and we take your health and safety very seriously,’ explains A.J. Caro, Vice President of the National Safety Health & Compliance Commission. 

Sanitizing Stations™ are built to last, easy to install and move and are manufactured with high quality materials. The National Safety Health & Compliance Commission, which is headquartered in Smithtown, New York and has manufacturing facilities in New York, Argentina and China, not only builds Sanitizing Stations™ for use around the world, they use the very same technology to disinfect all staff prior to entering their own facility. We trust and we use what we manufacture.

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