Belkins appointment setting service helps businesses focus on closing deals, not generating leads

Dover, DE – June 10, 2020 – If 80% of your workload was taken care of, what would you do with the extra time? How many more leads could you close? How much healthier could you make your relationship with your existing clients? Belkins appointment setting and lead generation service takes care of the most tedious and time-consuming part of the sales process. Through their services, businesses no longer have to engage in cold calls that go unanswered or emails that go unopened. Belkins works with businesses to understand their value proposition and their needs. From there, Belkins’ team generates genuine, quality leads with the decision-makers at key targeted businesses.

Belkins outbound lead generation service is led by sales professionals who do nothing but reach out and generate quality leads every day. Belkins’ team can help sort out the client provided target lists into potentially interested, disinterested, and interested leads within days. Work that would take an in-house sales team months to complete.

“We’ve all heard the term ‘time is money.’ With the lead generation process, that saying rings true. 70-80% of sales staff time is spent going through a list of targets. That’s hundreds of hours a year of reaching voicemails, calling receptionists or talking to middle managers who don’t have the authority to say yes to the proposed services. The cost of those staff hours added up is enormous and wasteful. Businesses invest in the best sales staff for their in-house teams. Then most businesses let their top team members do work that has very little do with closing deals. Belkins’ service allows companies to reorient their team to be closing leads rather than generating them. The resulting boost to the bottom line gives many of the businesses we work with a leading-edge over their competition and lets them increase their market share,” explains Vladislav Podolyako, founder of Belkins.

Belkins lead generation service is not a set-it-and-forget-it service that leaves clients wondering what their campaign status is. Bekins’ clients have access to real-time dashboards showing how many outbound calls and emails have been made and who has replied to those calls and emails. Clients can even read the replies. Based on those responses, clients can set calendar reminders to get in touch with leads who are interested in a future relationship or cross potential leads off their list who don’t qualify or aren’t the right fit for the client to work with. In the best-case scenarios, appointments with leads are delivered straight to the client’s inbox. The average Bekins client receives 20 confirmed appointments per campaign per month. The average closing rate across 25 of the industries Belkins works with is 25%, well above the industry average.

Podolyako is proud of how Belkins is assisting businesses to focus on income generations and redistributing their resources to high reward activities. “Our services help streamline our client’s business expenditures. Small companies who can’t afford a large sales team get the help they need to grow. Larger companies with dozens of salespeople on their staff free up their team’s time, allowing them to close deals with pre-qualified and interested businesses. There is a reason Belkins is trusted by some of the most recognized names in business, our services work.”

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