Logistics Connection Technology’s Carrier Platform Barter Orders

Logistics Connection Technology's Carrier Platform Barter Orders

Barter Orders barter order system is a barter trading platform developed based on the Logistics Connection Technology barter underlying trust system, which can provide efficient cross-border bartering and settlement mechanisms between enterprises and enterprises (B2B).

The technical modules of Barter Orders are divided into service layer, transaction engine and user interface. Through the formation of smart contracts, the bargaining transactions, services provided, and payment of payments by buyers, sellers, arbitrators, and intermediaries can all be carried out on the basis of low-cost, high-capacity, high-speed, and high-security contracts.

In order to ensure that buyers and sellers are protected during the transaction process, each procedure of the transaction must go through protection mechanisms such as “goods verification”, “goods security inspection,” to-do items”, and “asset freeze”. During the transaction process, if both parties find any Issues can be immediately terminated to avoid subsequent barter disputes.

Barter Orders barter order system uses the “RdBFT + dPoa” algorithm to solve the biggest technical problems, that is, the problem of speed and load capacity, and writes the amount of data through multi-threading technology On the Logistics Connection Technology chain, its transaction carrying capacity is 10,000 TPS.

This carrying capacity has surpassed the best achievable condition of EOS at present, namely the carrying capacity of 5000TPS. Logistics Connection Technology adopts the most suitable technology framework for rapid and intelligent payment, making Barter Orders barter order system the best-decentralized barter platform in the world.

Barter Orders barter order system has the world’s leading payment technology and is compatible with all digital assets worldwide. However, any transaction within the Barter Orders barter order system can be re-transferred.

In addition, it is also equipped with innovative functions, such as the ability of enterprises to set currency lock restrictions and high-speed offline node settlement. In addition to providing users with good trading experience, it can also attract more investors to purchase and use the Logistics Connection Technology barter underlying trust system.

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