Chinese Plastic Mold Maker Stebro Mold Excels in Injection Molding at Competitive Rates for Global Industries

June 11, 2020 – Some of the highest quality and timely made plastic moldings are offered by the Chinese maker of plastic injection moldings, Stebro Mold. Specializing in a wide range of molds for plastic injection, the company is today highly sought around the world for any molding requirement.

From low volume injection molding to gas-assisted injection molding, Stebro Mold has expertise in various molding techniques, including custom-built projects. Stebro Mold products are found in industries as wide as outdoor power equipment, medical devices, electronics and electrical products, and automotive parts.

The China mold maker offers turnkey molding solutions to any global partner, with design of plastic parts, CNC prototypes and contract assembly. Injection molds are optimized for part design, and before exports, clients can even ask for a small pre-production.

We only make mold designs that are of manufacturing quality, and this saves a lot of costs for our clients. Stebro Mold can be trusted for large, small, or complex design molds, and we will ensure that there are tight tolerances and high quality maintained throughout the production” says a spokesperson for Stebro Mold.

Sterbo Mold is known to be a professional plastic mold maker, and its team of engineers work with the clients to create the exact design required. They are also experts in single source and vertical integration technology with new tooling for easy transition. The team also undertakes T-0, T-1 sample and short-run production as per schedule. 

Any global client looking for plastic mold manufacturing services will find Stebro Mold as the partner that meets all industry norms and requirements. From tooling transfers for moving molds to the company for direct production to improving the molds with injection molding production, the company is flexible in its approach. Also available are services such as making thermoplastic injection molds like 2K injection molds, unscrewing molds, or multiple action molds.

Stebro Mold undertakes highly complex and challenging plastic mold work as well, such as difficult-to-process engineering resins, high-temperature material like PEEK and PSU, metal replacement and precision plastic components. The company can be approached for exporting molds for self-production, or making both the molds and the products at competitive prices.


Stebro Mold is a full-service plastic injection mold company & Low volume plastic injection molding company in China. We specialize in manufacturing mould for plastic injection and provide injection molding service. Our services include outdoor power equipment, medical devices, and industries of electrical, electronic and automotive. For over 10 years, we have been offering professional service of plastic product design, plastic mold flow design and plastic mold design.

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