Genius Guard Crosses Major Milestone By Mitigating Over 6,000,000 DDoS Attacks

Genius Guard Crosses Major Milestone By Mitigating Over 6,000,000 DDoS Attacks

Cybersecurity has become essential in the digital world. To ensure high up-time, most websites need to utilize tools to counter malicious DDoS attacks.  Certain webhosting services offer in-built ways of countering potential threats and attacks. Genius Guard is one such service that excels at providing DDoS protected web hosting.

Through the use of Genius Guard’s advanced DDoS mitigation technology, they are able to guarantee the peace of mind of their customers by securing their online presence. They use the latest anti-DDoS webhosting equipment to ensure that clients receive unbridled services. 

One of the factors behind Genius Guard’s consistent rise to popularity is their reasonable pricing. Despite offering state-of-the-art DDoS protection technology, their prices have often been described as affordable by their clients. Through various available packages, designed around domain registration, shared webhosting, remote protection and guard webhosting, one has the option to select whichever best suits their needs. In addition to this, Genius Guard provides users with a multitude of free services which include SSL installation, branded name server, script installation help and more.

Alongside their high security, Genius Guard has made a name for themselves for having effective customer service. Their support staff is available at all times of the day, and is skilled at answering queries and resolving issues. Clients facing technical problems can send them a request and have them answered with ease.

All these factors culminate into a service that offers some of the industry’s finest mitigation protection and cpanel webhosting. Having crossed over 6,000,000 DDoS attacks mitigated recently, Genius Guard was pleased with the effective services they have been able to offer their clients. Moving forward, they hope to continue providing the best possible services, at prices that are affordable. To achieve this goal, they always strive to perfect their current solutions and analyze any potential for betterment.

About Genius Guard

Genius Guard was developed in 2009 and since then has become one of the most notable names for DDoS protection and mitigation. Their technology consists of the latest equipment to ensure that their clients are armed with the best possible solutions. Over the years, Genius Guard has perfected their methodologies and saved countless clients from persistent DDoS attacks. They recently passed over 6,000,000 DDoS attacks successfully mitigated. With powerful features and free services, Genius Guard has remained a premier choice for DDoS protection for many people.

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