Learn Meditation And Mindfulness At Samadhi To Uncover One’s Inner Wisdom, A State Of Calm, And Achieve Mind-Body Wellness

Learn Meditation And Mindfulness At Samadhi To Uncover One's Inner Wisdom, A State Of Calm, And Achieve Mind-Body Wellness
Samadhi helps people discover a state of mind called shamatha, where a sense of clarity, calm, and genuine well-being is found. Through meditation, mindfulness, and transformative methods and ways of thinking introduced by the Buddha, one can cultivate positivity, get rid of bad habits, and live a fuller, happier life.

According to announcements released by Samadhi and its principal teacher, Dassetu, the organization holds courses and retreats in the south of Spain where people learn meditation and mindfulness techniques which make them more peaceful, happy and positive. Through these techniques, one can attain a state of deep samadhi (concentration) and experience mental bliss. A calm mind, that has brought the turbulence of restless thoughts and anxiety under control, can function and thrive under any situation, no matter how bad it may seem. Meditation practitioners gain control of their thoughts and actions and kick bad habits. 

A relaxed mind can control emotions more quickly and easily, and keep negativity at bay. Nowadays, the pressures of habitual modern living lead to lifestyle-related mental and physical health issues. Meditation helps us combat the stress and strains imposed by looming deadlines, tiring commutes, and the general adversity we face on a daily basis. If allowed to pile up, these negative states have a harmful effect on our minds and bodies. The Samadhi Podcast (a free online podcast where Dassetu introduces these concepts and guides meditations) is an excellent resource to learn about meditation easily and usher positivity into our daily lives.  

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According to sources, the guided meditations offered by Samadhi stimulates motivation to continue with the practice. Practitioners, in one-on-one or group classes, discover that there is a real need for us to find time daily from our busy routines to connect with our inner selves. Meditators go from having little to no control over their thoughts to a state where their minds, bodies, speech, and actions work in harmony. 

Meditation techniques taught at Samadhi help practitioners experience peace and happiness above and beyond the gratification offered by sensory and material pleasures. Through meditation, practitioners can bring forth the positivity and happiness that is beneath the surface, unable to manifest. Though we yearn for it, we are unaware of the necessary steps to experience the fulfilment that meditation delivers. 

Dassetu of Samadhi said, “Many of us believe that happiness comes from having the perfect external circumstances – the right career, the right partner, the right house… but, in the end, we come to realise that the external world cannot give us the fulfilment and genuine wellbeing we seek. At Samadhi, we want to introduce people to methods and practices which make them happier, more peaceful and positive people from the inside out – meditation, mindfulness & Buddhism. Meditation is a method for calming the mind and developing a positive approach to life. Through meditation, we can learn to relax deeply, gain control of our feelings and emotions, find inner strength, and let go of negative states of mind such as stress and anxiety.”

Explaining the concept of meditation, Dassetu said, “Meditation has numerous benefits for the health of both your body and mind, it is easy to do, and something everyone can learn. Meditation has been practised for thousands of years, with the first documented evidence of the practice dating back to approximately 5,000 BCE. More technically, meditation is a mind that is single-pointedly focused on one thing and familiar with it. The Tibetan word for meditation, “gom” can be translated as familiarizing, or habituating. But in short, it simply means to familiarize yourself with a positive state of mind, which refers to a training of the mind.”

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