Dr. Hans-Joerg Lutz – English-speaking Dentist in Munich Germany

Teeth can be the starting point of a winning smile, but also of pain and physical impairments. Thanks to modern dental technology and well-trained dentists as well as skilled accompanying personnel, it is possible to prevent many dental issues through treatments and preventive examination. The dental clinic “Zahnaerztliche Praxis am Muellerschen Volksbad” offers a holistic understanding of dentistry.  

Dentist in Munich Germany  

Dr. Hans-Joerg Lutz is an English-speaking dentist in Munich Germany. Close to the “Rosenheimer Platz”, he offers the highest quality and best possible dental care to his patients. Next to aesthetic interventions, Dr. Lutz professionally preserves teeth. Patients can especially count on him when it comes to dentures. 

Holistic dentistry 

Many dentists only focus on the oral cavity. This is where they are operating. In the dental clinic close to the center of Munich however, a holistic approach is used by considering the effects of the teeth on many body areas. Which is why the jaw and its functions are taken into consideration as well as the neck and back muscles. This way, e.g. chronic muscle tension and even causes of migraine can be treated. 

Wide range of treatment options 

Only the best for the teeth of Munich – that is one of the principles of Dr. Hans-Joerg Lutz. The spectrum of treatment options reflects this. Aesthetic dental treatments are executed just as professionally as root canal treatments, dental implants, laser treatments and even processes for bone reconstruction. 

The dentist in Munich Haidhausen does not only use premium drills as tools. 3D X-rays with DVT allow for fast and precise treatments to be planned. The more precise view on the teeth not only allows for a better diagnosis but also offers control over delicate treatment steps. Dr. Lutz achieves this through the use of a modern surgical microscope. 

Nitrous oxide is used in the dental practice in Munich for relaxation in anxiety patients and for avoiding gag reflexes. It offers an anti-anxiety effect and soothes quickly. Nowadays, a safe disinfection becomes more and more important. Through three-dimensional disinfection, multi-resistant pathogens can be prevented right down to the last tile joint.

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