Powers Environmental Open For Mold Testing In Yonkers NY

Many people wonder if mold testing and inspections are considered essential businesses during this pandemic. The answer is yes. Powers Environmental LLC is safely doing mold testing in Yonkers NY.

Safe Operation During COVID Pandemic

Powers Environmental LLC does mold testing in Yonkers NY. As an essential business, they have been operating through the entire pandemic. While continuing to perform their standard services, the health and safety of their assessors and  clients is of paramount importance to them. To that end, they have been extremely diligent in implementing the following precautions:

Initial Booking & Confirmation Call: Our project scheduler will confirm that everyone in the home is healthy prior to booking your mold testing in Yonkers NY. We will advise them how to contact us if something should change. Our assessors are confirming the appointment the day before which is another occasion for us to make sure that everyone is healthy.

It goes without saying that our Yonkers mold testing assessors who will be going on-site will stand down if they should experience any symptoms that could be precursors to the infection.

Physical Distancing: With the cooperation of homeowners/occupants, we have in many cases arranged to gain access to homes with their leaving the structure or staying on the other side of the home while we are performing the onsite assessment. At times having them point out specific areas of concern is important, but even then achieving maximum physical distancing is our goal.

PPE Protection: Prior to entering a home, our assessors are donning N-95 masks, gloves and shoe covers (we have always had wearing shoe covers as part of our SOP, but other PPE was more discretionary to the severity of the perceived mold situation). As is generally understood, COVID transmission is primarily through droplets from one person transported to another. Our wearing an N-95 mask should address this concern and provide peace of mind to the home occupants.

Continuing Education: Periodic Zoom meetings with our assessor team to review our efforts and discuss developing approaches to avoid exposure to the virus is ongoing.

At Powers Environmental LLC our company’s mission and goal is to promote a healthy home or work environment for all of our clients. Following the efforts described above is our way of contributing toward that goal, as well as protecting our clients and assessors — two of our three most valuable assets.

Our third most valuable asset is the relationship we have you — the companies that refer their clients to us for our service. We recognize that remediation companies who refer their clients to Powers Environmental LLC put their trust in us because how we treat clients will reflect back on them. We have always — in the past and now with these changed circumstances — endeavored to reflect well on you by our showing respect for the clients (even the difficult ones) and demonstrating consideration for their homes.

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