Quentin D James known as Sargeant Q is releasing another single on July 1st 2020

Quentin D James or Sargeant Q rather has another song titled “Fool” in which describes the type of lifestyle lived, before realizing that music was his passion. The song goes back to when he was in the Northern Virginia streets of Arlington. As a highly respected leader, Quentin eventually experienced what we all fear; Dishonesty and Loyalty! After getting word from the streets on who it was that robbed him at gun point, it was then that he soon realized that and I quote: “The ones closest to you are the ones you must watch.” Looking for another way to make money, shortly after, he moved away and started focusing on his music. Quentin’s famous quote noted in the lyrics of “Fool” is “You can fool me once, but you wont fool me again” in terms of being fooled by his right hand man, not letting him or anyone else do the same. Quentin D James has gone as far as performing for a variety of crowds and is definitely on the up and coming aspiring artists’ radar!

A creole Native, Quentin began rapping about a life lived that even his own family didn’t know about. From drugs, money, and gang affiliation, Quentin was able to keep his head above water, rarely being in the spotlight for law enforcement. Quentin James has also managed to keep it a big secret almost living a double life from family members. Being involved in numerous fights and gang initiations, Quentin then became known as in the ranking of a “Sergeant”. Living in the city of Arlington Virginia created the other life that Quentin was sustaining. Hiding it very well from his family, he could not hide it in the streets of Northern Virginia. Being detained on several different occasions, Quentin almost always found a way to get out of the trouble he always seemed to be a part of. In college, Quentin James continued to show this type of life while being a highly recognized academic leader throughout his college years being involved in the Honors Society, Student Government Association, and the President of the Ambassadors Program.

After graduation, Quentin wanted better for his life and in doing so, making an effort to get out of the affiliated gang, he moved away, getting far away from Northern Virginia as possible. Quentin James has joined and became part of an organization called “Samaritan Women” which helps the girls rescued from human trafficking, have their life back! He started his career in the music business learning what it took to be on the positive side of things. As for today, Quentin James is known as “Sargeant Q” in today’s hip hop culture. Quentin has come a long way and with the success slowly building up after 10 years, you can hear it in his voice, actions, and in his music. Although the exact whereabouts of Quentin James has not been public, he is often seen in Washington DC, Virginia, and in the Maryland area.

You can check out his music along with his upcoming release “Fool” via all major and Indi music streaming sites including Spotify in which you can find the link down below on July 1st 2020 along with his social media Contact:


Instagram: @IAMSGTQ

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