QuantiSave launches Social Distancing Marketing to help small local businesses grow in the Phoenix area

Unique marketing solution will help small businesses generate more prospects and sales despite COVID-19 crisis

June 19, 2020 – Phoenix, AZ – QuantiSave, a local business directory and e-commerce marketplace, has launched a unique marketing solution to help businesses generate more prospects and sales despite the COVID-19 crisis that is sweeping the globe. The Phoenix-based business developed Social Distancing Marketing to help companies deal with the new normal of interacting, working, and living with space between individuals.

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the world’s population, infecting more than 8.2 million people worldwide. In the United States alone, 2.23 million confirmed cases of coronavirus have been reported and the figure continues to increase. Across the country, a number of businesses both large and small have collapsed without being able to reach customers and make sales. According to a survey reported on by the Los Angeles Times, half of all American businesses will fail due to the current financial crisis created by the pandemic.

QuantiSave aims to change the issues businesses in Phoenix are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The local business directory platform utilizes features allowing businesses to increase the visibility of their goods and services in unprecedented ways.

Founded by Thad Metz, a Phoenix area business entrepreneur, QuantiSave allows local companies to increase cashflow within days of joining the platform. The platform also enables businesses to position themselves in front of shoppers to drive more traffic to their doors. The increased visibility of a company created by QuantiSave allows local businesses to improve their money-making capabilities during lean times.

The Phoenix start-up company provides funding and branding solutions to businesses allowing them to reach their target markets. QuantiSave’s Social Distancing Marketing gives businesses the chance to operate and succeed in spite of COVID-19 and aims to be the best local business directory by offering more marketing options to enhance branding and help businesses stand out from the competition.

“This new directory and e-commerce marketplace for small businesses will help give them another way, a better way, of doing business and generating more sales,” Metz said.

According to the CEO, QuantiSave works well with businesses already in the marketplace with around two years of service to the local community. Having a couple of years of existence enables small businesses to stand out further from the crowd with QuantiSave’s marketing and branding capabilities.

“I created the platform because I’m passionate about helping small local businesses grow,” Metz explained. “There is simply nothing out there quite like our directory and e-commerce marketplace. It gives newfound flexibility to vendors and shoppers that can’t be found on any other platform.”

For more information on QuantiSave and how it can improve your business, please visit https://quantisave.com/register.

About QuantiSave

QuantiSave was founded by Thad Metz as a local business directory and e-commerce marketplace to help businesses serving in and around Phoenix, Arizona to reach their target audience more efficiently and effectively grow their customer base and sales. QuantiSave operates as a directory and a marketplace platform that connects potential buyers and sellers all within one platform to make more sales, attract more buyers who can buy for themselves, and can also transfer purchases to a friend, loved one, or colleague.

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