New 2019-21 football kits: Man Utd, Real Madrid, Barcelona & all the top clubs’ shirts & jerseys revealed

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We are already publishing information on the future 2019-2020 soccer jerseys of the big clubs. In recent months, details of the jerseys for the 2019/2020 next season have leaked on the internet. As every year, we gather all the information of the new 2019 2020 jerseys of the big clubs in one page, here it is! Then we write a detailed article for the new 19-20 football jersey of each major club. In addition, we make available all the Camisetas De Futbol Baratas of clubs classified by championship.

We continue to update this page as leaks and new details are received from our sources. We scan the web to track down and analyze every leak in a soccer jersey. Like every year, we rely on reliable sources that have proven themselves for several years to reveal these “leaked shirts” to you. You can consult our 2018-2019 football shirts page. Lately, some new 2021 soccer jerseys have already leaked on the internet!

New jerseys Ligue 1 2020 French Championship

We invite you to consult the page of all Ligue 1 jerseys.

PSG 2020

The Paris Saint Germain 2020 jerseys are presented to you below. The Paris 19-20 home jersey is blue with the return of the hetcher band. We also know that Parisians will be playing in a red PSG 2020 Jordan away jersey. In addition, in the Champions League, this is a new white Paris 2019 2020 third jersey made by Nike. A fourth black PSG 2020 jersey has also been released.

AS Monaco 2020

Kappa takes over for the AS Monaco 2019-2020 jerseys. The ASM 19-20 home jersey is white and red with diamond patterns on the red part. As for the new Monaco 2020 away jersey, it has a black base with golden elements! The new third Monaco 2020 jersey is sky blue, always with these diamond patterns.

Olympique Lyonnais 2020

The 2019/2020 OL football shirts remain at Adidas. The agreement was recently extended until 2025 between the German brand and Lyon. The new home jersey has a slightly 3D lion. The Olympique Lyonnais 2019-2020 away Camisetas De Futbol is navy blue. About the third OL 19-20 third jersey, it is red with touches of blue.

Olympique de Marseille 2020

Olympique Marseille is still with Puma during the 2019/2020 season. We present to you the 3 new OM 2019 2020 football shirts, The Marseille 19-20 home shirt is rather simple and slightly retro. The Marseille 2020 away football shirt is sky blue and the third is black.

AS Saint-Etienne 2020

ASSE 2020 football shirts are still made by Le Coq Sportif with a home shirt with two shades of green, the emblematic color of the Saint-Etienne club. The Saint-Etienne 2019-2020 away jersey is white with green on the top while the new ASSE 19/20 third football jersey is gray.

LOSC 2020

The new Lille 2019-2020 football shirts are known. They are made by New Balance.

The new Liga 2020 Spanish championship jerseys

You can view the page for all Liga Spanish Championship shirts.

Real Madrid 2020

Adidas is still the supplier of the Real Madrid 2019-2020 jerseys. A white and golden home jersey will appear. We’ll see the arrival of a blue soccer jersey as Madrid’s outfit. However, the third Real 2019-2020 jersey is pale green with navy blue.

FC Barcelone 2020

Regarding the Barcelona 19-20 soccer jerseys, Nike launched a new checkerboard on the Barcelona 2020 home jersey! While the FC Barcelona 2019/2020 away jersey will be based on an iconic yellow jersey with a red and blue diagonal band. A fourth Barcelona Senyera jersey will also be released. The new club crest should take place on the 2019 2020 Barça jerseys.

Atletico Madrid 2020

The 2019-2020 Atlético Madrid football shirts are still at Nike. We are seeing a return of the classic bands for the Atlético Madrid 19-20 home football shirt. The Atletico 2020 away jersey is black and red. In addition, the new Atletico Madrid 19-20 third jersey has a sky blue base and features the old Nike logo.

New Premier League 2020 English Championship Jerseys

Find on our site the page of all the jerseys of Premier League English championship on

Manchester City 2020

The new Manchester City 2019-2020 jerseys are made by Puma. We see that the home jersey is sky blue and purple. The new Manchester City 2019/2020 away jersey is black with orange and blue elements. We have an orange-yellow gradient for the Manchester City 19-20 third jersey.

Liverpool 2020

The Liverpool 19-20 football shirts are made by New Balance. The new Liverpool 2019 2020 home jersey is red with thin white stripes and gold elements. In addition, the Liverpool 2020 away jersey is white and gray with a unique and unusual design. The new Liverpool 2020 third football shirt is dark gray with neon blue in second color.

Arsenal 2020

The new Arsenal 19-20 jerseys are made by Adidas. To find out more, read our article on the new Arsenal 2019 2020 Adidas football shirts. The new Arsenal 2019 2020 home jersey is red with white sleeves. As for the design of the yellow Arsenal 2019/2020 away football shirt, it is inspired by an old Gunners jersey. The third Arsenal 2019-2020 third jersey is dark blue with golden details.

Chelsea 2020

The Chelsea 19-20 football shirts are made by Nike. Here is the new Chelsea 2019/2020 home jersey. Then we know that the 2019-2020 Chelsea away jersey has a white base with a few blue and red details. In addition, we are revealing that the Chelsea 19-20 third football shirt is black with red / orange elements with the old Nike logo.

Manchester United 2020

About the new Manchester United 2019-2020 jerseys at Adidas, we know the 3 jerseys of MU. However, the MUFC 2020 home jersey does not have a gradient like this season. The Manchester United 19-20 away jersey is beige with an unexpected pattern. The Manchester United third football shirt is dark gray with patterns too, but very discreet.

Tottenham Hotspur 2020

The new Tottenham 19-20 jerseys are at Nike. The Tottenham 2019-2020 home jersey is white with navy blue. Then, the new Tottenham 19-20 away jersey is dark blue with purple and white elements while the Spurs’ third jersey is sky blue.

The new 2020 Italian Championship Series A jerseys

AC Milan 2020

The new AC Milan 2019 2020 football shirts are from the Puma supplier. The Milan AC 2020 home jersey is striped with a vintage style while the AC milan 19-20 away football jersey is simpler in white. Regarding the third Milan 2020 jersey, it is very successful and in black as in recent seasons.

Juventus 2020

Still at Adidas, a lot of information has leaked for the new Juventus 2019-2020 jerseys. The Juventus 2020 home jersey is official, with a pink band in the center, half white and half black. The Juventus 19-20 away jersey is white with rather discreet camouflage patterns. The new third Juventus 2019 2020 jersey has leaked, it is blue with a pretty crazy design.

Inter Milan 2020

The new Inter Milan 2019 2020 home jersey has vertical stripes, but it is diagonally level with the sponsor Pirelli. The Inter Milan 19-20 away football jersey is rather turquoise and pretty showy, complemented by black and gold elements. The Inter Milan 2019-2020 third jersey will be black and gold / yellow. Learn more about Inter Milan 2019 2020 jerseys.

AS Rome 2020

AS Roma football shirts 2019-2020 are at Nike with the new official home shirt with a lightning bolt pattern on the collar and sleeves. For the AS Rome 2020 home jersey, it was made official quite early. The AS Rome 2020 away jersey has a lightning bolt on the front! We also know the new AS Rome 2020 third jersey that leaked.

Naples 2020 jerseys

The new 2019-2020 Napoli jerseys are still with Kappa. It’s a blue and pretty worked Naples 2020 home football jersey that we can see. The Naples 19-20 away jersey as well as the third are based on the same model. The third jersey is white while the Napoli 19/20 jersey is green and camouflage style.

The new Bundesliga 2020 German championship jerseys

For other German clubs’ football shirts, see the page for all German championship Bundesliga shirts in

Schalke 2020

Umbro is the supplier of the 2019-2020 Schalke shirts and they are now all official. The Schlake 04 2019/2020 home jersey is blue with patterns on the sleeves. The new Schalke 2020 away football jersey is white while the third Schalke 19/20 jersey is black with small dots on the bottom of the jersey

Bayern Munich 2020

The new Bayern Munich 2019-2020 football shirts remain at Adidas. The Bayern 2019-2020 home jersey is official while the Bavarian away jersey is white and gray. We know that the third Bayern Munich 2019-2020 third jersey is black with orange elements.

Borussia Dortmund 2020

Also at Puma, the new 2019-2020 jerseys from Borussia Dortmund have already leaked. As always, the equipment manufacturer Puma is inspired and this gives original Dortmund 19-20 shirts. The Dortmund 2019 2020 home football shirt is yellow with black patterns on the shoulders. However, the Dortmund 2020 away jersey is adorned in black.

Other 2020 soccer jersey championships for major clubs.

We also present to you all the other Liga NOS Portuguese championship jerseys.

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