EZZ jelly rewards 10,000 Australian dollars to find the biggest slimming people, attracting thousands of Australians to participate

A sensational “spread money to buy fat” activity is being staged in the southern hemisphere. The reporter was informed that a few days ago, New Zealand’s gene technology giant EZZ, with its hugely popular slimming jelly, started a slimming “battle”, which spread across Australia and New Zealand. From June 16th, the first season of the slimming challenge “Come on, Jelly!” officially started. The tens of thousands of Australian dollars prize pool attracted thousands of people to sign up, aiming to achieve the dual goal of “great wealth + thinness”.

The reporter learned that this slimming challenge is divided into two parts: “Team Challenge” and “Individual Challenge”. The Team Challenge selected 30 EZZ retail store teams in Sydney to participate, and the Individual Challenge selected 300 qualified players from thousands of applicants to participate. During the event period, at 16:00 every Tuesday, the “Rich and inhumanity-AUP Global Live Broadcast” and fat-losing benefits will be launched simultaneously. This has set off a huge wave of “healthy weight-loss” in Australia and New Zealand.

Fred, the person in charge of the EZZ Slimming Jelly Slimming Challenge, introduces that the Team Challenge and the Individual Challenge both have a five-week cycle. In Team Challenge, a representative player is appointed by each participating team to participate in the competition. With EZZ slimming jelly and simple dietary guidance, the players start a competition for weight loss and fat loss. After the race, all participating teams will receive 1 box of EZZ slimming jelly, and the team with the biggest weight loss number will also receive a cash prize of 10,000 Australian dollars. In Individual Challenge, there are four divisions: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Pass. Contestants must eat a certain amount of jelly regularly and complete the corresponding punching tasks. After the competition, the winners will be awarded a prize of 2,000 Australian dollars in total, and all participants will receive 4 boxes of EZZ slimming jelly.

“We hope that through this special competition, we can help more women who are worried about obesity to get out of trouble and show their most beautiful state.” Talking about the original intention of the event, Fred believes that maintaining a normal weight is not only for beauty, but also for health. Public health data shows that 31.3% of the population in Australia is obese. Among them, the proportion of adults over 18 years old who are overweight or obese has increased from 56.2% to 67%. Fred said: “Such data is worrying. We look forward that this slimming product, which is based on the latest genetic technology, can improve the health of more people.”

It is reported that, on June 16th, the Team Challenge of EZZ slimming jelly slimming challenge “Come on, Jelly!” initiated; On June 23, the individual contests of the four divisions also started. With more than 300 people’s fat reducing “battle” going on, more and more competitors and onlookers are amazed by the magic effect of EZZ slimming jelly.

In the third week of the race, Daisy was surprised to find that her weight had dropped by 10KG. “God, the EZZ slimming jelly is amazing.” She said that one week ago, she could not eat normally for one or two days after the dental implant operation. So she ate a lot in the morning of the operation. While weighing at night, her weight didn’t increase at all! After returning to normal diet, she ate all three meals normally, do a little exercise, such as walking 5 kilometers, she could reduce 1 kg in a day.

Chris said excitedly that he won 4 boxes of EZZ slimming jelly by participating in the vote for the slimming champion. “EZZ jelly tastes sour and sweet, is really delicious! Then for a few days in a row, I tried desserts, barbecues, seafood dinners and other foods that I dared not eat before. My weight did not increase at all. It feels great to eat delicious food without worrying about gaining weight.”

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