TAIMI showcases the importance of Pride amid turbulent times

TAIMI showcases the importance of Pride amid turbulent times
TAIMI  –  the world’s first LGBTQI+ social network and dating app joins Attitude Magazine to celebrate Pride 2020

Let’s all go back to June 2019. Packed venues, streets full of parties, marches and events dedicated to the history of Pride. All those involved in Pride planning were expecting the same if not bigger turn out in 2020. The excitement of upcoming Pride season didn’t go past TAIMI and its users. However, 2020 hit us hard with a pandemic the world has never seen before. This is the first time in a long history, Pride events are not going ahead as scheduled. In fact, more than 475 of them have been canceled or postponed.

Going a full year without Pride is not right. We all know this, but thanks to technology the world will have the ability to experience many digital prides launched by organizations, media, and of course TAIMI. So, the company decided to poll its 6+ Million users about the importance of keeping Pride alive during the pandemic. How do they feel about “going digital” and what is the takeaway after the coronavirus pandemic is over. 

An important number to pay attention to for all of us. We cannot agree more with 65% of TAIMI users who believe Pride is not just a party. Pride is about the fight for equal rights and freedoms for all LGBTQI+ people. 

70% of TAIMI users think it is crucial to raise awareness about LGBTQI+ rights, speak out against injustices and continue the fight for equality. 

While the majority of TAIMI users nearly 85% identify as LGBTQI+ there are more than 15% that consider themselves an ally. An important role that TAIMI thinks is worth taking note of, especially when it comes to speaking out against discrimination, bullying and harassment. 

Not to mention the fact that majority of TAIMI users, that’s nearly 67% chose to first come out to their friends, who can and should be allies to all LGBTQI+ people. 

The idea of hosting a virtual pride resonated with over 75% of TAIMI user base. That is exactly why, TAIMI decided to join Attitude Magazine for the Pride At Home event that is now in full gear.

Attitude Pride at Home is a digital festival that celebrates love and diversity. The event runs through Tuesday, June 23rd all the way to Sunday, June 28, 2020. 

TAIMI proudly joins Pride Heroes series showcasing amazing and inspirational LGBTQ+ people and allies. Michelle Visage, Michael Cashman, Courtney Act, Bisi Alimi, Peter Tatchell and Amrou Al-Kadhi will share their first Pride experiences, what Pride means to them and why they believe Pride is more important than ever these days.

Pride Heroes, in association with TAIMI kicks off Tuesday 23 June on Attitude’s website as well as their YouTube channel. 


TAIMI is for all LGBTQI+ people, regardless of where they identify on the sexuality and gender spectrum. The world’s first LGBTQI+ social network and dating app provides all its users with a safe and secure space to join custom groups, create posts, and share their stories. TAIMI also has a video call feature that will keep you stay connected with the friends you make on the app. We are here for you, we support you, we love you!

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