10-year-old first-time author, Tylin Pratt releases new book, Lucky the Turtle

An inspirational story for all ages, that encourages following your dreams and aspirations, no matter the obstacle

New York, New York – June 24, 2020 – Tylin Pratt has released his debut book, titled Lucky the turtle. The story follows Lucky, who is a kind and happy turtle who lives in a small pond, on a big farm. He has many aspirations but doubts he’ll be able to achieve them because he’s a small turtle, living in a big world. Lucky finds the courage to follow his dreams and on that journey, he discovers his inner greatness.

Lucky’s journey of self-discovery is aided by his unwillingness to be defined by other people’s perceptions. Most people, whether doctors, lawyers, politicians, or teachers, can relate to this predicament. In order to achieve in life, personal determination and focus are key. When someone says you can’t achieve something, that’s the time to tell yourself you can. Given the current state of the social and political climate, these virtues hold true.


Tylin Pratt is a 10-year-old, first-time author. Although he enjoys writing, like most 10-year-olds, he’s an avid Fortnite player who enjoys bike riding and playing sports with his younger brother. He just completed the fourth grade, as an honor roll student. After writing a short story, as a school assignment, it was well-received by his teacher, peers, and his parents. Motivated and inspired, he decided to pen Lucky the Turtle. Tylin wants kids of all ages, and all nations, to always follow their dreams, believe in themselves, and never give up.

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