Power, A Revolutionary Workout Application, Optimizes Workouts with Custom Plans and Training Materials

Power, a new mobile application that users machine learning and sports science to guide anyone though weight training exercises with sets and reps. Making it easy to optimize any workout or training regimen, Power is creating a revolutionary experience for people around the world.

Power, a new fitness and training application, is revolutionizing the world of fitness and weight training. Replacing the traditional fitness trainer, Power combines the power of trainers, professionals, and scientists in the palm of one’s hand to create a powerful, all-in-one workout guide.

Optimizing users’ workouts and helping them learn exercises anywhere, anytime, Power guides people through workouts and training plans, including sets, reps, ​weights, and exercises, and uses machine learning and sports science to optimize workouts. Committed to teaching and training, Power shows users, with professional videos and how-to training materials, what to do, and what to avoid to get the most benefit from any workout. By learning the best techniques, positions, and training protocols, it becomes easy to prevent incorrect form, wasted effort, and serious injury.

With custom generated workout plans, users of all skill and exercise levels can be introduced to new exercise types in a style that makes workouts a fun, enjoyable learning experience. Users need only enter some information about themselves to have professional training plans and exercise recommendations generated for them.

“We are proud to be pioneering the future in exercise and training,” remarked Oliver Dixon, CEO of Polydelic, the developer behind Power. “It has never been easier to harness the benefits of customized exercise plans and professional how-to videos, which make optimizing any workout simple and easy.”

Power is now available for free. To download it from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store today, please click here. To learn more, please visit Power.Fitness.

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