Kaitlyn Lin unlocks a musical sensation during lockdown; alliance with Malay composer is winning hearts of many

Kaitlyn Lin released her first Chinese single with the collaboration of Amyr Abadawn, a Malay composer that tops the musical chartbusters

Singapore – Going through these troubled times due to COVID 19; music is the only source of healing minds and making people feel better. When many are waiting for the pandemic to subside, Kaitlyn Lin, virtually collaborated with Amyr Abadawn, a Malay composer and released Chinese single 承受 delivering an outstanding auditory experience to its listeners. The song was recorded separately but both the artists made this lockdown time turned into an opportunity to create quality music. 

Kaitlyn Lin singer and bilingual emcee/host in Singapore has chosen not to stop her creativity flow and has come up with her first Chinese single titled 承受. The collaboration of Chinese singer with a Malay composer is not usual, and as a result of this virtually joined effort, the song is already leading the music chartbusters’. Since the day of its release, the single has got placed into the top 10 of the Singapore iTunes chart.

Kaitlyn Lin has proven that music has no boundaries and has the power to unite people even in these tough pandemic times when everyone is forced to stay indoors.

She is a freelance artist, singer mastering many languages like English, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Japanese, Spanish, Hokkien (dialect), and Cantonese. 承受 (Withstand) is her first Chinese single, and it’s receiving many accolades on various musical chart platforms. 

It was the first experience for the composer of Chinese song, and Amyr Abadawn did outstandingly well, and this ‘Rare’ collaboration is winning many hearts and inspiring others to join hands keeping racial or other differences aside. The artists have proved that at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on our collective human experience, music has the power to unite, heal, and uplift the mood of the world. 

The Song 承受 is available on Spotify and Apple Music. It’s also available on YouTube

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