Bluegrass Dental Offers Quality Dental Care For Brighter Smiles, Healthy Teeth, And Robust Constitutions At Affordable Rates

Bluegrass Dental Offers Quality Dental Care For Brighter Smiles, Healthy Teeth, And Robust Constitutions At Affordable Rates
Bluegrass Dental has helped the community in and around Owensboro, KY, to maintain oral health, and it remedies dental issues in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Patients are immediately put at ease by the friendly dog at the clinic, a loving and caring stress buster.

According to announcements released by Bluegrass Dental and Dr. Joshua Stamper, the dental clinic has been at the forefront of providing dependable and affordable dental care in and around Owensboro, Kentucky. Bluegrass Dental cosmetic dentistry has helped patients regain confidence and feel upbeat about their appearance through teeth whitening, teeth straightening, crowns, and veneers. 

Whatever the impediment you face in expressing yourself through a smile, Bluegrass Dental has the solution. Often, misshapen, discolored, chipped, and ground teeth lead to self-doubt and discomfort about smiling in public. Regardless of your age, you can achieve your dream of sporting a beautiful smile. The clinic has been providing exemplary general and family dental services in Owensboro. 

Families are welcome to the clinic to learn about good oral hygiene habits. Inculcated early, these habits allow children to retain healthy teeth throughout their lives. Flossing, brushing, and using mouthwash should be a part of everybody’s dental care routine. Bluegrass Dental recommends preventative dental treatments that can save teeth, save a lot of money, and pre-empt later treatments that can be more complex. Regular clearing away of plaque and tartar and treating dental caries early are examples of preventative dentistry. Two visits to a dental clinic every year is all that it takes to ensure that your teeth remain healthy.

Sources revealed that trained and experienced staff at Bluegrass Dental are always at hand to attend to dental emergencies. Broken teeth, painful molars, bleeding gums, etc. constitute medical emergencies that require immediate attention. You don’t need an appointment to have the emergency treated on the day that it happens. 

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Dr. Joshua Stamper of Bluegrass Dental said, “Dental technology is always improving and advancing, and our office is committed to improving and advancing right alongside it. We implement the elements of dental technology that we believe will most improve your experience with us. We’re excited to show you what our technology can do for you. We use electric handpieces for our dental procedures, and we think you’ll notice the difference.”

He continued to say, “By using electricity, these handpieces can operate more gently than their traditional counterparts. They’re also much quieter, which means a less jarring and far more pleasant experience for you in the dental chair. Just like intraoral cameras have improved on the standby of traditional dentistry mirrors, digital x-rays do everything a traditional x-ray can do and more. Digital x-rays can be completed in less time and can be imported directly to our computers, so they’re easier to examine and interpret.”

On tooth whitening at Bluegrass Dental, Dr. Stamper said, “Discoloration is natural and happens to nearly everyone, although some people experience it more intensely than others. For example, if you’re a smoker or a coffee drinker, your risk of discolored teeth is slightly higher. At our office, we’re proud to offer you two different whitening choices. Depending on what works best for you, you can opt to receive our in-office treatment or a take-home whitening kit.”

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