Soul of an Empath Podcast Transforms Emotional Blind Spots into 20/20 Vision

Soul of an Empath Podcast Transforms Emotional Blind Spots into 20/20 Vision

Tiffany Cano, founder of Highly Perceptive People Academy and creator of The Soul of an Empath
Empaths and Healers Come Together For Discussion, Connection and Healing

September 21, 2020 – Blind spots can cause mishaps and accidents not only physically, as when driving, but also mentally and emotionally. Thankfully, correcting blind spots only requires a slight adjustment.  When driving we look well over the shoulder.  How can we deal with mental and emotional blind spots?  There are experts who can guide us to turn fears, negativity, and other forms of weakness into strengths. The Soul of an Empath podcast does just that, transforming blind spots into 20/20 vision thanks to the insights of Tiffany Cano and her various expert guests. 

The Soul of an Empath is a weekly podcast focusing on the things people don’t know about themselves, the very things that pull them down, trigger various emotions, or prevent them from achieving their goals. Each week, listeners can experience healing sessions and become more aligned and congruent to their hearts’ desires so they feel more loved, seen, heard, understood, and, ultimately, like they belong.

Guests on the podcast offer inspiration, healing, and insightful tips to help empaths turn around their lives and become the best versions of themselves:

“I am so excited!” exclaims Soul of an Empath’s host and creator, Tiffany Cano. “I’ve interviewed amazing coaches and healers that will contribute to insights, healing, and help.“

She continues, “Every other episode is a healing session. Each one has different topics and can be very healing for you as well.” 

Soul of an Empath is a weekly podcast that alternates between interviews with healers and spiritual coaches and virtual healing sessions. Subscribe to the podcast at 

Tiffany Cano is an empath who believes people who are highly sensitive (HSP) can be easily overwhelmed or take things personally as they subconsciously sense and absorb the fear, stress, sadness and chaos around them. She is dedicated to help fellow empaths and healers learn different ways to honor their gifts and turn any negativity into positivity. Her Highly Perceptive People Academy is a home for empathic, intuitive spiritual souls to learn, grow, heal, and love.

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