Banyan Hill Publishing Acquires New App by Johnny Vieira of TribeFluence Inc.

LOS ANGELES – Sep 21, 2020 – Banyan Hill Publishing has acquired an innovative mobile app platform called AdFluence, developed by Johnny Vieira of TribeFluence Inc. in Los Angeles, California, in a partnership agreement. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

AdFluence connects popular influencers on social media with companies and brands for customized, content-based, influencer marketing faster and easier than ever before.

Banyan Hill Publishing and Mr. Vieira’s app, AdFluence, will allow businesses to create their own advertisement on the app and submit it to one or more influencers from social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Once an influencer accepts the brand’s customized ad, they can share the ad on their own social media accounts and in turn get paid for it.

Mr. Vieira’s company launched an app in 2018, which the development of AdFluence was based on called TribeFluence, and continues to develop other projects and apps to this day. One of these is called TeenSter, a polling app for teenagers, and another exciting app project called PetYourFace, coming October 2020.

With the AdFluence platform, large and small brands alike can reach their preferred audiences faster than traditional means, while controlling the final ads by using their own content.

The app is also ideal for both up-and-coming influencers as well as well-known and established influencers, since they can easily earn income by sharing sponsored content with their followers.

Mr. Vieira will serve as an advisor to Banyan Hill Publishing both during the acquisition of AdFluence and beyond, based on the deal’s stipulations. Vieira’s past and current experience with managing, producing and creating brand identities in the music industry give him the necessary leadership and operational knowledge required for managing the AdFluence platform alongside the Banyan Hill Publishing team.

Combining Vieira’s insight and experience with Banyan Hill Publishing’s reach and resources ensure that AdFluence will be a worthwhile investment.

AdFluence, TribeFluence and TeenSter are all available for download now in the Google Play and App Store for all devices.

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