AI powered laundry on demand service aims to revolutionize how laundry is done in Iceland

AI powered laundry on demand service aims to revolutionize how laundry is done in Iceland
New laundry on-demand service in Iceland says “regular laundry is dead” and promises no more washing ever again for anyone!

The Icelandic startup Reykjavik laundry is taking the laundry industry in Iceland by storm and has started to offer new solutions for people that don’t have their washing machines or choose to live a wash-free lifestyle.

Reykjavik Laundry is the only specialized on-demand laundry service in Iceland offering the full service from 7,390 ISK for less than 10kg of laundry which is ideal for individuals and included in the price is having your laundry picked up, cleaned, and folded before being dropped off the next day to the buyer but if you have a heavy load then you can add another 10kg for only an additional roughly 2000 ISK.

In the future they say they will also offer people to drop-off their own laundry to their headquarters and pick them up the next day to save on driving costs and to be more eco friendly.

The startup launched in early September and has according to the owner been quite busy since the launch and he also said that the demand for laundry on-demand service has clearly been there in Reykjavik and all over Iceland but they are only so far offering their services in the Greater capital area in Iceland.

On their Facebook page, you can see that they are also talking about integrating AI technology into the website and that soon you will be able to talk to an AI on to help you through the process.

Hjálmar the AI assistant will soon be available for booking help on and he will also be able to help you determine what laundry detergent you should consider using based on your personal preferences.

Hjálmar will also be able to help you with other laundry decisions for example to help you determine what kinda wash would be best for your clothes.

But what is also interesting is that they are creating this whole new business model for people who don’t do laundry or would like to stop doing laundry and they are essentially offering people a way out from the current wash at the home model that is dominant in Iceland.

From 18,900 ISK you can get the bi-weekly package and have up to 20kg every 2 weeks picked up from your place and then delivered the next day all clean and folded.

For those who are wondering how much 20kg of laundry is then, it would take about 3 or 4 regular washing machines to reach that kinda weight so in essence for a regular person or even for 2 people this package should cover your bi-weekly laundry easily.

Then there is the more advanced monthly package but it offers 4x 20 kg for 29,990 per month and allows a weekly pickup and drop-off of your laundry once every week and this should be well enough for a small family.

A customer of Reykjavik laundry said that the laundry industry in Iceland has been in dire need of a service like this and claims that this is the only place in all of Iceland and the Reykjavik area that offers specialized laundry / washing services with same day pickup and next day delivery, and that this fills in a huge gap in the market and says that it even got better when the app launched in the playstore and now anyone can book laundry in easily on their phone at any place or time in Reykjavik and over the capital area.

Reykjavik Laundry also notes that they only use Eco-friendly products and non-irritating soaps.

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