Introducing JC ALGO, a venture capital firm dedicated to raising capital for promising projects and start-ups

Introducing JC ALGO, a venture capital firm dedicated to raising capital for promising projects and start-ups

JC ALGO is a Canadian venture capital firm dedicated to raising capital for projects and startups that significantly impact people, society, and the environment in emerging markets.

JC ALGO’s business operations can be better clarified with the hypothetical situation where a startup with a brilliant business idea aims to get its operations up and running. From humble beginnings, the startup proves the worthiness of its model and products, steadily growing thanks to the generosity of friends, family, and the founders’ financial resources. Over time, its customer base grows, business expands, the company rises through its competitors’ ranks to become highly valued, with the possibility of future expansions, new offices, employees, and even an initial public offering (IPO).

If this meteoric rise seems too good to be true; it’s because most times, the startup has raised capital with the help of fundraising firms such as JC ALGO who raises capital on their behalf.  The company operates by supporting entrepreneurs seeking series A through C seed funding by outlining a capital-raising strategy, forging industry relationships, designing pitch materials, and networking with potential investors.

Furthermore, the company often enlist the help of its subsidiary JC ALGO Fund to raise capital quicker through their financial returns. According to the company Chief Executive Officer and Portfolio Manager, Dominick Mitchell: “We strive to be the investment option of choice for our partners by providing financial returns, exposure to diverse markets and early stage equity in social/environmental projects. We work openly with our investors to align their investing goal, time horizon and risk tolerance with our investment strategy that invests across a number of markets such as foreign exchange, commodities and stocks.”

Specifically, the company’s portfolio holds low carbon, environment, human rights, cleantech, and government securities in addition to other holdings that prioritize developing markets to exceed financial expectations.

JC ALGO Group is set to launch its third subsidiary at the start of 2021, JC ALGO Broker, a Business Brokerage that helps connect entrepreneurs with projects in emerging markets that are selling while piloting them through the entire buying process. The company has specialized knowledge of the tax and legal implications of selling a project or business. Overall, they ensure that the transaction is smooth and successful for all parties involved.

“We educate the buyer about the current market and provide advice during the due diligence process. Our network provides access to thousands of businesses for sale, many of which are not released to the public, in turn allowing the most aggregate view of possibilities. Once a prospective business for sale is identified, our valuation professionals provide buyers a fair market value for the business for sale to ensure you are receiving the maximum value for your dollars spent”, explained Dominick Mitchell.

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