Global Mutual Benefit and Collaboration Driven by Design, Hebei International Industrial Design Week 2020 Promotes the Construction of Xiongan New Area

The “Black swan” fell from the sky in 2020, and the pandemic exposed the shortcomings of traditional urban structure in dealing with emergencies. With China’s “new infrastructure” plan, the “Smart City” modeled after Xiongan is accelerating its deployment.

It’s the fourth year of the establishment of Xiongan New Area. From the date of its establishment, the Xiongan New Area has designated the construction of a green and smart city as one of its key tasks. It has brought together the world’s top design talents who participate in planning and construction to Xiongan in various ways.

Under the strong leadership and support of the Hebei government, the Goldreed Industrial Design Award (GIDA), as a well-directed industrial design award, has been created to serve the future development and construction since its birth. The award is launched through global solicitation, bringing together the power of top design from five continents, enabling urban construction and operation with design, exploring a more reasonable lifestyle, so as to realize the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and help the coordinated development of industry, city, human and ecology in Xiongan New Area.

With the goal of “Global Design·Starting in Xiongan”, the Hebei International Industrial Design Week (HIDW) has been held in Xiongan for three consecutive years, bringing together a large number of outstanding design talents from around the world through the Xiongan Design Forum, Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition, New Product Launch Conference, etc. It discusses new dynamics and trends in the development of design and the current era.

The successful holding of the third Hebei International Industrial Design Week in September 2020 is undoubtedly a shocking move at the moment. Under the requirements of pandemic prevention and control, 352 design institutes from 30 countries and regions, more than 3000 design products and nearly 100 industry elites gather in Xiongan New Area of Hebei Province to show the appeal of design and Xiongan to the world. As Shirley Feng, director of Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center, said: “Shenzhen is China’s first design capital, where people see the dawn of design. Xiongan is China’s first future city, and people will see the future of Chinese design here.”

Faced with the global frictions caused by the pandemic, HIDW 2020, with the theme of “Design’s Construct of Pluriversality”, invited British industrial design master Michael Young as the chief curator, and invited the global young talents to the City of the Future (Xiongan). Italy is chosen as the partner country to strengthen cooperation and communication between companies of the two countries while bringing Italian boutique designs. In addition, in order to better build a bridge of interconnection and interaction, HIDW 2020 builds a cloud ecosystem to achieve cloud business negotiation, intelligent customer service, online transactions and other functions through the official mini program equipped with 3D immersive virtual exhibition hall. Audiences enjoy a series of high-quality forums, press conferences, awards ceremonies and other events through live streaming. Masters who cannot reach the scene use online AR videos to create an “immersive” audio-visual experience for online and on-site audiences. Since the official opening of HIDW on the 17th, nearly 30,000 people participated in the activities in four days, and nearly 9 million people participated in the activities on the online platform. Among them, the total number of online interactive participation on Tik Tok is about 3.5 million. the total number of online visitors to the exhibition is about 2.2 million, the total number of live event viewings is about 2 million, and the corresponding figures are constantly increasing through video and picture playback.

Through the “HIDW + GIDA” model, Xiongan New Area is growing into the world’s most anticipated innovation highland. Opening the door with a tolerant attitude, Xiongan expects more high-quality design works to be practiced in the “City of the Future”. As Shirley Feng said, “Xiongan’s design practice opens a window for Chinese solutions to be recognized by the world. Through the window, we can see the innovation, growth, and imagination of this future city.” 

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