Rhineland Cutlery Founder Invents Revolutionary Anglepro™ Knife Sharpener – Industry Executives Say “Anglepro™ Will Become the Ultimate Knife Sharpener” – Currently Available on Kickstarter

Rhineland Cutlery Founder, Phillip McMahon, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of handcrafted, German Steel knives and knife sets has announced the launch of another state-of-the-art product, the Rhineland AnglePro™ Knife Sharpener. 

The first of its kind, the AnglePro Sharpener is a patent-pending design and culmination of three years of research by McMahon, a 20-year knife industry veteran.  McMahon, who has designed a myriad of top selling, trend-setting knife collections is considered to be one of the top designers for ‘go-to’ knife brands by both professional chefs and home cooks alike.

Having worked on the periphery of the restaurant industry for decades, McMahon says an ever-ending problem for Chefs is trying to prepare large amounts of food with dull knives.  “Sharp knives are a necessity for professional chefs, who up to recently have been limited on sharpening options,” said McMahon.  “Knife blades vary from 13 to 21 degrees; traditional knife sharpeners have fixed angles so trying to sharpen a knife with a fixed angle sharpener is useless.”       

With that, McMahon set out to pioneer a sharpening product which surprisingly had not yet existed in the industry; a sharpener which is not a one size fits all, but can be adjusted to fit varying knife angles.  McMahon’s innovative Angle Gauge invention accurately measures each individual knife blade angle.  The sharpener is then adjusted for the appropriately sized sharpening wheel, creating a perfectly sharpened knife edge.  The diamond-coated sharpening wheels not only sharpen to perfection but can also re-edge and hone older knife blades. Though initially targeted to support the restaurant industry’s overwhelming need for sharp knives, the product is already popular for home chefs who also want to unleash their talents in the kitchen.

Chef James McGuinness, dean of culinary arts at Keiser University’s Melbourne Center for Culinary Arts, was part of the panel of chefs who tested the novel Angle Pro™ Knife Sharpener.  “It lets me do it all, grind, sharpen and attain true edges on my knives,” said McGuinness.  “It’s easy, efficient and foolproof, essentially three tools in one.”

From a financial perspective this innovative sharpener is the answer to the never-ending knife sharpening costs for restaurant owners. “Restaurants normally use sharpening services who come in monthly to replace dull knives.  These services can cost as much as $200 a month.  This is a necessity for restaurant owners despite their dislike of the costly service,” said McMahon.

Further, AnglePro is working in partnership with Rhineland, who recently donated multiple sets of ProSeries knives to ‘Meals on Wheels’ (MOW), a program which delivers food to individuals who are unable to prepare their own. According to Wendy Ford, President/CEO of the Osceola Council on Aging, MOW has been serving between 35 and 40 thousand meals per month, over the past several months. “Having new equipment, like knives, is perfect as we are rarely able to buy cooking appliances since all funds go to feeding our seniors. We are thrilled to better support our MOW Chefs.  Community partnerships like this help us better feed our residents.”  Additionally, AnglePro has committed $1 from each knife sharpener sold for the Central Florida MOW program; an initiative they envision doing nationally.

With thousands of units currently being manufactured, Rhineland Cutlery has launched a Kickstarter™ Campaign running through October 16. McMahon plans to utilize the online platform to ramp up production for the holiday season while adding additional distribution channels.  “We were able to raise 50-percent of our funding goal in the first 12 hours of the campaign.  We are hoping to maintain this kind of momentum for the next 3 weeks,” added McMahon. 

The AnglePro™ Knife Sharpener is available for pre-orders at $99, a 50-percent discount off MSRP.  For more information or to order, go to angleprosharpener.com, or on Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/anglepro/angle-pro-sharpener.


Launched in 2012, Rhineland Cutlery specializes in ergonomic, balanced, beautiful knives and knife collections for both the restaurant industry and the home market. Corporate customers include Landry’s, Rainforest Café, Caesars Entertainment, Beef O’Brady’s, Nueske’s and Gordon, Sysco, and Cheney Brothers food service giants, among others.  All Rhineland Cutlery products carry a lifetime warranty.

For more information, visit rhinelandcutlery.com


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