A Natural And Regular Voice: A Brief Comment On Woodpods

A Brief Comment On Woodpods

1. Equipment:

The wooden earphone with simple and stylish appearance. It is packaged in a kraft carton. A charging case, wood appearance and can customize the logo on the charging cover. Fully compatible type-c charging port, positive and negative inserted fast charging. Two earphones, manual resin earlap combined with ergonomic design to own comfortable wearing, not easy to fall of. Equipped with large, medium and small silicone caps you can choose to replace the silicone caps according to your preference, charging cables and instructions it could help you operate the earphone better and faster.

2. Wear:

The cavity adopts a zirconium alloy shell, so the cavity is lighter in weight, the overall appearance is more rounded, there are not too many edges and corners, and it is not easy to wear off. It is very suitable for people like me who like to listen to songs on the street.

3. Sound field:

The wooden earphone sound field is very large, and when listening to a large organization, it feels that it is distributed in a rectangular shape, and the overall arrangement is very regular

From the outer packaging to the accessories in the box, it is not difficult to see that this earplug is very thoughtful. The tuning is quite satisfactory and there is no strange sound staining, and the whole is improved to a very high level based on the premise of balance. It is worth mentioning that the suspended beryllium-plated diaphragm is used this time, and it is not like other coils. There is a problem with the connection between the middle and low frequencies. I think this headset is more suitable for listening to songs with a strong sense of rhythm, as well as some percussion. It is also very suitable for listening to female voice and pitch because its overall tuning is very neat, making it difficult to pick out the thorns. Overall, I think this wooden headset is a wood headset that I like and recognize very much.

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