San Francisco Real Estate Agency: The Most Important Factor Sellers Overlook When Choosing An Agent

Many people are concerned about how the virus and protests are affecting the real estate market, especially since the interest rates are incredibly low.

Danielle Lazier is a real estate listing agent working in San Francisco, California. She specializes in high end, luxury properties in the bay area. She notes the interest rates are appealing, but this does not mean everyone can qualify.

“Ever since the Great Recession, lenders are much more cautious when it comes to lending money to potential buyers. There are much more stringent qualifications to secure a mortgage with the best interest rates possible,” said Lazier.

San Francisco realtors are making certain their clients understand these requirements and are working carefully to make sure the client understands their personal budget. Many people are considerably nervous about the current state of affairs and are making rash decisions without thinking them through.

“Lenders are requiring much more substantial downpayments than previously. Some of my clients are taken aback to find out how much they need for a particular property. This has them rethinking their decisions and finding a different home,” continued Lazier.

The other qualification the real estate agents around San Francisco, CA, are looking at closely is the credit requirements and ratings.

“Credit has always been an important element of home buying, but the requirements are much higher than before. I tell my potential clients to be aware of their credit ratings and work hard to keep these scores high,” said Lazier.

Lazier has a website with listings and a blog for new clients. Properties are coming onto and off of the market on a regular basis. Clients are recommended to check frequently at

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