Physiotherapy In Melbourne For Freedom From Pain Due To Musculoskeletal Issues And Sports Injuries

Physiotherapy In Melbourne For Freedom From Pain Due To Musculoskeletal Issues And Sports Injuries
Since 1989, Rosanna Physio Centre has been treating neck pain, back pain, and pain from sports injuries through physiotherapy and shockwave therapy. The clinic has successfully rehabilitated those suffering from muscle degeneration and stiffness due to injuries or surgery.

According to announcements released by Rosanna Physio Centre and Adam Price, for more than three decades, the clinic has been providing effective and trustworthy treatment of physiotherapy in Melbourne

Principal physiotherapist Dr. Olivia Saaroni has a doctorate in physiotherapy from Bond University. She has successfully helped people recovering from injuries and surgeries, regain mobility in limbs, redevelop muscles, and improve the quality of life. The trained physiotherapists at Rosanna Physio Centre have rehabilitated individuals who’ve suffered fractures, joint injuries, sports injuries, etc. and are experiencing mobility issues from muscle deconditioning or during post-surgery rehab. 

Spinal pain is among the most common complaints received at the clinic, which has an excellent record of treating the condition through physiotherapy. Early diagnosis is key to ensuring a fast and complete recovery and the restoration of pain-free movements. 

Apart from physiotherapy, Rosanna Physio Centre also treats tendon, muscle, and joint injuries through shockwave therapy. Along with physiotherapy, this non-surgical procedure enables people to overcome physical pain and accompany mental stress quickly and long-term. Detailed consultations are followed by appropriate procedures that may vary with the condition’s nature and severity. Shockwave therapy helps inflamed tissue heal faster by stimulating the body’s natural healing response, which results in the creation of blood vessels and the delivery of essential nutrients to the targeted area. 

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Adam Price of Rosanna Physio Centre said, “There’s no doubt that muscle and joint pain can severely impact your overall well-being. Constant pain, tension, or aching can take its toll on your overall physical and mental health – but it doesn’t have to be this way. Rosanna Physiotherapy’s experienced team is dedicated to getting you back to health as quickly as possible. We combine exceptional care and the latest research with modern technology and evidence-based treatments. We can successfully manage your physical complaints, from the minor to the serious, to ensure that you can begin the process of feeling your best once again.”

He continued to say, “At Rosanna Physio, we have a team of passionate, committed, and experienced physiotherapists who use their expertise to provide unparalleled treatments to our valued clients. No matter what issues you are experiencing, our professional staff take their time to guide you through the process of getting you back to your best again. If you’re in the Rosanna, Ivanhoe, Heidelberg, or Macleod areas, simply call us today to book your first appointment and start on your path to a pain-free life.”

On the benefits of selecting Rosanna Physio Centre for treatment, Price said, “When it comes to seeing a physiotherapist, you want to make sure that the treatment you’re getting is right for you. At Rosanna Physio, we are proud to offer top of the range therapies for all of our clients, taking the time to diagnose and treat the problem so you can see fast, long-term results.”

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About Rosanna Physio Centre:

For more than 3 decades, Rosanna Physio Centre has been serving Melbourne as the preferred physiotherapy provider for musculoskeletal conditions and rehabilitation from injuries. The Practice accepts EPC referrals and is the preferred provider for BUPA and HCF. It is approved by the Transport Authority Commission, WorkCover, and Veteran Affairs.

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