Reliable Transport Link Provides Reverse Logistics Solutions for Businesses in Canada

Reliable Transport Link helps its customers to plan, deliver and manage complex logistics processes. The container carrier provides a range of efficient and cost effective solutions for moving goods and raw materials, and ready-for-sale products.

Covering all areas in Canada and major hubs of North America, RTL also handles in-process inventory requirements, and act as responsible custodians of customers’ valuable cargo while in transit. The haulage firm also assists its clients with logistical operations including efficient re-use of products and raw materials.

The reverse logistics service includes handling the procedures of moving goods or raw materials from their standard final destination to also include provisions for capturing value, their correct and lawful disposal, and return delivery to the remanufacturing or refurbishing premises.

As an additional value add, RTL’s reverse logistics service also provides management services for selling surplus materials, in addition to returning equipment and parts from defunct machines. This is a particularly valuable service for customers in the business of leasing machinery and hardware, as this removes a step at the end of the process and continues to enrich the value of the customers’ assets. Assisting clients in the re-use of raw materials and goods also ensures that customers benefit from a seamless experience, and the knowledge that their goods are in good hands from what would normally be their final destination. The additional reverse logistics services provided by RTL ensure that the maximum value is captured from the assets, and that they are disposed of in a compliant and responsible manner.

In order to provide an extensive end-to-end service that means customers do not need to worry about switching providers or the risk and inefficiency created by too many different handovers of the same goods, RTL also handle the resale of surplus goods and the management behind this process. With this knowledge that their goods and raw materials are in good hands, RTL’s customers can also be reassured that their planning and implementation is in expert hands. RTL’s experience also helps to create cost efficiencies in the logistics chain of raw materials and goods, as well as delivering a variety of in-process efficiency savings from their vast network and expertise.

In an era when sustainability and correct recycling and reuse programs are becoming more and more important from a corporate responsibility point of view, services such as reverse logistics take on even more importance than before. Not only is the resale and proper disposal of goods and raw materials useful for firms from a financial perspective, it is also essential for company’s reputations and brand. With RTL’s services, its customers can be satisfied that materials will be sold or disposed of correctly and properly, and without the hassle of carrying out this process in-house.

About Reliable Transport Link

Reliable Transport Link offers a range of container shipping services and intermodal transportation methods to its customers. With a comprehensive range of services including warehousing and distribution, reverse logistics, dedicated trucking and freight management, the company aims to be a one-stop shop for its customers across Canada and North America.

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