SoFlo Snacks Announces Limited Release of Lil Durk’s Cereal

SoFlo Snacks Announces Limited Release of Lil Durk’s Cereal
The company’s best-selling cereal is making a comeback this fall and will be available online for a limited time

Miami, Fla. – September 25, 2020 – SoFlo Snacks is taking its line of novelty snacks to the next level with a limited release of their best-selling Durkio’s cereal — the exciting collaboration with rapper and producer Lil Durk, who has become one of the most sought-after names in the music industry today.

Durkio’s is a French vanilla-flavored protein cereal made in direct collaboration with the “Laugh Now Cry Later” rapper. The limited-edition cereal adds yet another exciting rarity to SoFlo’s line of novelty snacks and provides more sweet indulgences for cereal and music fans alike.

“First rapper with his own cereal this ain’t regular…” wrote Lil Durk on Instagram with a picture of the cereal box upon its release. The box design features Durk sporting his signature blonde dreads and “Only the Family” chain as he digs into a bowl of his own cereal.

Durkio’s made a huge splash upon its original release last summer, with celebrities like DJ Khaled, Lonzo Ball, and Quavo among the first people to get their hands on this sweet collector’s item. But this type of hype around their products is not new for the Miami-based brand. SoFlo Snacks has gained recognition from athletes, musicians, and even personalities like Jonathan Cheban, aka “Foodgod.”

“SoFlo Snacks are the pioneers in artists’ cereal,” said Cheban, who has featured SoFlo Snacks in his podcast and reviewed some of the brand’s products on his media channels. Another big name known to be a fan of the brand is celebrated Miami restaurateur David Grutman, who called SoFlo Snacks “the perfect blend of nostalgic snacks and exotic cereals.”

Currently, SoFlo Snacks offers a diverse selection of rare national and international sodas and cereals, including Cotton Candy Faygo, Booty O’s, and Jolly Rancher cereal. And now, for a limited time only, you can grab your box of Durkio’s exclusively on the SoFlo Snacks site!

Due to high demand and the rarity of their products, the company’s inventory is always changing, so we don’t recommend waiting too long to order your box of Durkio’s. We also suggest you follow them on Instagram, so you don’t miss out on any future releases. The company is currently working on expanding its line of exclusive cereals with more collaborations in the music and sports world, so you definitely want to stay tuned!

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