Ramon “Ray” Claveria Teams Up With Old Friend For Texas Louisiana Border

Ramon "Ray" Claveria Teams Up With Old Friend For Texas Louisiana Border
‘Full Circle’ Out Now, Christmas Album Out Soon

Some say when a friendship has a solid enough foundation, that time is never an issue when it comes to keeping their connection. Just ask Ramon “Ray” Claveria and his friend of 50 years, Tim Weller. Teaming up after 35 years apart, they have one album out now and another expected out around the holidays. 

Claveria and Weller met just as disco was starting to take over the world. It was 1970 and the pair performed together for a handful of years and even started the band A Bright Tomorrow. However, they decided to part ways but always kept in touch. 15 years after their initial meeting, Weller was busy rounding out his new band, Moe Betta, and reached out to Claveria to take part. That time the ride lasted a few months. Fast forward to 2020 and the two found themselves connecting once moreover music and wanting to pay homage to their homes they decided to go by Texas Louisiana Border. 

In the couple of months since Texas Louisiana Border came to be, Claveria and Weller have managed to record not one, but two albums. ‘Full Circle,’ out now, features 10 eclectic songs that showcase a myriad of styles that Adult Contemporary fans would enjoy adding to their collection, or hearing on the airwaves on a nice Fall drive. Again, ‘Full Circle’ is not the only album Texas Louisiana Border will drop ‘A Texas Louisiana Border Christmas’ right before the holiday season gets underway in November. 

Those interested in adding new music to their AC playlists or are looking for new holiday music for November and December, reviewing ‘Full Circle,’ or interviewing Texas Louisiana Border for their site, station, or podcast can reach out via the information provided below. 

For more music from Texas Louisiana Border, please visit: http://open.spotify.com/track/5yEPxDjbbzUzyauGtnmVEC


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