Family Law has Many Variances and Therefore Many Outcomes, Solutions, and Approaches

No family law case is exactly alike.  Every case is individualistic and can range from the ability of a good family law attorney to apply moderation (also known as ADR, or Alternative Dispute Resolution), to take a case straight through to a judicial hearing before a family law magistrate.  Lichtblau Law of North York is committed to all aspect of family law and approaches each case individually.  ADR is commonly known also as mediation and can take place internally alone or externally within the confines of a courtroom.  It always includes a third party, generally a family law attorney who specializes in ADR.  Many factors come into play in this type of law, and parties must be agreeable to each aspect of settlement or else the entire process can fall through.  This type of law is generally used widely for divorce and separation as well as child custody arrangements but can also be used within the parameters of wills and trusts when disputes concerning disbursements of property and assets can arise amongst family members. 

Family Law attorneys have a special skill set and experience. 

They must be conscientious yet kind, reliable yet dependable, and must still seek a resolution that is acceptable to all parties involved in any type of family law dispute.  The family law attorney must always exhibit enormous patience and empathy as disputes can be stressful, and easily can exacerbate a situation if not handled with extreme care.  The goal of an attorney in family law, since it can intersperse with business law, wills, and estates, is to avoid litigation.  Litigation is much more costly and prolong a case indefinitely.  It also can cause family rifts that are difficult to heal afterwards.  Especially where the case involves the division of property, the complexity and stress can escalate rapidly, but litigation should always try to be avoided.  Business matters also can oftentimes escalate into litigation quickly if a good ADR attorney or mediator is not chosen.  The choice of ADR attorney and/or mediator does matter a great deal.

More cases of family law in Canada are solved using ADR and/or mediation than litigation.  

However, in very complex cases, the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General does stress that ADR or mediation is not for everyone and only a good family law attorney should be the judge of whether to proceed with ADR or with full litigation.  The judgments are made on a case by case basis by the family law attorney after much discussion and consultation with all involved parties.  Strategic planning and many discussions must ensue between all parties before proceeding with any case.  A holistic approach is always the best approach, leaving each party feeling that they have indeed received a fair and honest judgment, no matter which type of proceeding occurs.  Choosing wisely in a family law attorney is a pre-eminent factor in success of every case.

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Lichtblau Law has been providing all types of family law, from ADR and mediation to litigation for years.  Located in North York, this firm serves the GTA with integrity and provides a holistic approach to family law.  Child custody, divorce, business law, real estate, trusts, and wills are offered.  There is a blog, a contact form, a question form, an email and a phone. 

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