This Season, Unmask True Power, and Step Forward with Ease and Flow

This Season, Unmask True Power, and Step Forward with Ease and Flow

In times of change, it is not the time to shrink, but rather the time to rise in your true power. Getting hijacked by frustration, overwhelm, fear, anger, hurt, or anxiety is a sure way to lose your power. Being the energy of love and gratitude in every moment, with every interaction, is the key to accessing your innate ability to create and enjoy your incredible life regardless of the situation.

This fall season, work, school, and life for all are being done in new ways. We are facing many unknowns and change is a big theme for every household. Unmasking your true power is the key to navigating this unprecedented time with joy and flow.

Trissa Tismal-Capili, America’s Transformational Executive Coach, creator of the Overwhelm-Free and Thriving Boss Blueprint, compiler and author of the forthcoming book, Your True Power shares great insight on how to unmask your true power even in these challenging times.

Trissa shares “In times of change, it is not the time to shrink, but rather it is the time to step into your true power by being the energy of love and gratitude.”

Trissa shares 3 tips to help you step in your true power:

1. Embrace change

It’s the attachment to the old and the resistance to the new that makes change feel very difficult. The seemingly endless changes may feel like a roller coaster ride. You can choose to ride a roller coaster in complete fear, counting every millisecond, wishing it was over. Or you can simply surrender to the ride and shriek with exhilaration, loving every moment. Your experience is up to you.

2. Turn frustrations into gratitude

See the great opportunities in your biggest frustrations. Kids are distance learning and you want to pull out your hair? View this opportunity to be with your children and connect with them more. Frustrated about having to wear a mask all day? How amazing that you have the privilege of being protected and protecting others. When you are drowning in frustration, it may be hard to find what’s good. It’s there. Find it and revel in gratitude.

3. Get support

It’s always easier when you’re in a community and have someone leading the way. Difficult times present the best opportunities for maximum growth. It’s challenging to realize this when you are all by yourself. Receive help from groups and professionals who are dedicated to helping you solve your problems not just from the surface but from its underlying root cause. The external problems that you experience during this time of change are easily resolved once you address the core issues.

A movement to bring people around the world back into their true power is launching with the book, Your True Power. To reach and help as many people as possible, it is available at a discounted price of only $1 with access to over $2,000 in bonuses and a raffle entry to win $1,000 plus other prizes during pre-launch at Proceeds go to spreading the movement and charity.

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