Apple, Microsoft and WIMI Competes in the Hologram AR Market, Subverting the Interaction of VI

Hong Kong – With the advent of the technological era, technology has now been fully integrated into our lives. The traces of science and technology can be seen everywhere in our lives, which greatly promotes the development of the era of science and technology. In recent years, AR devices have begun to be used in people’s lives. Meanwhile, AR devices have begun to appear in our lives.

AR glasses have always been a hot technology product that people pay more attention to, because with the rapid development of the technology era, AR devices may eventually replace smartphones. The reason why AR glasses have attracted much attention is mainly that the semi-immersive technology of AR has subverted the way people interact with information in the past, allowing information and vision truly integrated and let us re-perceive the world.

Every day, we are accustomed to obtaining massive amounts of information by moving our fingers and typing on the keyboard. The Internet makes it convenient and efficient to obtain information, but also confines our vision on a 3.5 to 10-inch screen. We escape from nature and natural people, but the Internet social experts have communication barriers in real life, which has become a common problem in the current society. AR glasses overlay cloud information on the physical world, freeing your hands to look up at the world.

Nowadays, more and more technology companies begin to develop products in the AR field. Is the AR era coming?


Recently, a new patent for Apple’s AR glasses has attracted lots of attention. The patent is an eye movement control device and the eye is used as an input mechanism. During the interaction between the sight and AR device, the device can be controlled by tracking the user’s eye movement, blinking, and gaze. For example, if you stare at it for a few seconds, you can zoom in.

The news of the launch has been overwhelming several years ago, however, we have not seen the real apple AR glasses. It is reported that Apple planned to release the iPhone 12 in 2021, at the same time, it will announce the release of AR glasses. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, it is estimated to be delayed, but it is still possible to look forward to its release within three years. In July, Apple applied for a new patent to control AR glasses with the eyes. The iPhone 12 has already been revealed to be equipped with lidar technology, perhaps in preparation for a seamless connection with Apple Glass.


In September, the US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) issued a patent related to the lightweight AR glasses. It is reported that the inventor of the patent is from the Microsoft HoloLens team. It mainly describes a micro-optical solution that uses MicroLED light sources to reduce the size of AR glasses.

The optical waveguide of AR glasses will contain three different input areas, corresponding to the three colors projected by the projection module. This solution will eliminate some optical components and reduce the overall volume. It is reported that Apple acquired LuxVue, a MicroLED technology company, in 2014. If the small-volume optical solution based on MicroLED is applied to Apple’s AR glasses, it may not be difficult to achieve technically.


WIMI Hologram Cloud is a leading VI+ AR company. Its leading application of AI face technology has been praised by many in the industry. Mobile phones equipped with facial recognition technology can be unlocked by swiping faces. Moreover, speakers equipped with voice recognition technology can realize voice interaction.

WIMI is a content provider for augmented reality, which allows you to see and interact with three-dimensional images of objects that do not exist in real life. Through the projection devices, the image can be projected from your phone or computer onto other media. The most commercial value of the WIMI holographic cloud is holographic technology. Holographic technology, also known as virtual imaging technology, is a technology of recording and reproducing the real three-dimensional image of an object by using the principle of interference and diffraction. It is a three-dimensional imaging technology that uses coherent light interference to obtain all the information of an object. What holographic technology records are not images, but the light field.

With the influx of many tech giants into the market, it also proves the potential of the AR market now. According to relevant data research, the global AR glasses market will reach nearly $20 billion in 2022. At present, AR smart glasses are still not very mature, and the industries most used are not the games, education, and other fields that most teenagers want to achieve. However, it is believed that in the future, the popularization of smart AR glasses in all walks of life is very possible. After all, the breakthrough of 5G technology and AI will surely bring another peak in the era of technology.

5G technology will make the subsequent smart software and hardware upgrade faster, so AR smart products will become a craze in the future, at that time, smartphones may become a product eliminated by the era.

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