Panoply and Join Forces to Enable an End-to-End No-Code Data Solution

Panoply’s code-free cloud data platform combines with’s business intelligence solution to deliver SQL data insight in minutes.

San Francisco, CA, USA – December 10, 2020 – Panoply, a cloud data platform that makes it easy to sync, store and access business data, today announced a new partnership with, a business intelligence (BI) platform that makes it simple to query and visualize data without code. Through this strategic alliance, businesses will be able to set up a Panoply data warehouse with code-free connections to popular data sources, then query and visualize that data in via a one-click integration.

“Our mission has always been to simplify access to business intelligence by minimizing the technical overhead required to access meaningful data,” said Yaniv Leven, Panoply CEO and Co-Founder. “Our customers love the easy integration they get with their most critical business resources, and through this alliance with we are carrying that code-free commitment further by offering a ready-built option for queries, reporting and dashboarding.”

Both Panoply and are committed to applying a code-free approach to unlocking the insights trapped in data stores. Panoply’s data warehouse and data integration services make it easy to automate data pipelines, with built-in connections to data sources across all popular cloud services, file systems, and databases including Shopify, Salesforce, MySQL and Zendesk. Panoply builds analysis-ready tables in minutes that can then be displayed using popular BI, dashboard and API tools.

“More companies are gathering data from multiple sources but are unable to turn that data into actionable insights, said CEO Tom Gardiner. “By partnering with Panoply we can bring together the best-in-class data access solution with our no-code query builder and visualization platform, giving organizations of any size out-of-the-box access to the insights, dashboards and alerts they need to grow.”

Through this partnership with, Panoply data now can be quickly displayed using pre-built queries and dashboards that automatically sync and populate with the latest data. Working together, Panoply and make it easy to develop and display customized queries and reports without any coding, making it possible for any organization to extract meaningful insight in minutes.

About Panoply

Founded in 2015, Panoply offers data warehousing and code-free data integration and analytics services to help businesses unlock business intelligence without the pain of complex pipeline management. The company’s best-in-class data analytics automates data warehouse configuration and management to simplify the discovery of crucial insights that drive business growth. Panoply’s no-code approach makes it easy to connect data sources such as MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, HubSpot, Salesforce, Shopify, Zendesk and Google Analytics, as well BI and analytics tools, enabling analysis in minutes without development overhead.

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Based in the United Kingdom,’s self-service business intelligence (BI) solution enables teams to build reports and get ad hoc answers on the fly, without code. Via a powerful but intuitive query builder, gives business users all the power of SQL, without the learning curve. currently handles more than 2.5 million data queries every month.

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