Ziba Gulley: One of UAE’s Top TikToker Is Showing Women They Can Do Anything

Ziba Gulley: One of UAE's Top TikToker Is Showing Women They Can Do Anything

Society can be cruel to women. It doesn’t help that most of the models and celebrities they look up to don’t encourage individuality at all. Influencer Ziba Gulley knows all about that. Born and raised in UAE , Ziba grew up in a strict household. There were many strict rules put in place for females and it felt like they had little freedom to be an individual. Though her father had always been supportive to women empowerment and had always supported girl’s education, the culture always had different approach towards women.

Holding Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Ziba makes a living working in the hospitality industry. She is very committed to her job and puts in 10 hours a day. Besides that, she also host her 1-hour LIVE program every Thursday on AVT Khyber TV that broadcasts from Pakistan and Khyber Middle East, broadcasting from Dubai, UAE. That hasn’t held her back from what she really loves to do though. Ziba loves social media and interacting with her followers. She is very active on her social media accounts, especially Tiktok.

Making lip syncing videos to Pashto songs is how Ziba grew for TikTok following. Holding over 7.5 million followers, she is now the 2nd top TikToker in all of UAE and the first Afghan female social media influencer with huge Tiktok followers. When she originally started making TikTok videos, almost all of them were in Pashto. Ziba loves how beautiful the language is and wanted to bring attention to everything the culture holds.

Ziba Won’t Let Them Bring Her Down

Unfortunately most of Afghan’s society frowns upon women in the entertainment industry and Ziba has faced more struggles because of this. Even her own family disapproved of her following her dream. Since she grew up in a strict culture she had to work extra hard to prove to her family that entertaining is a positive thing. As the proverbs reads, “Hard work pays”, today she is the first female Afghan Tiktoker with 7.5 Million following, crossing the verified accounts of all afghan artists.

For the past 2 years, Ziba has had to deal with criticism from a world that doesn’t want her to be more successful than a male. She was not going to let that hold her back. No matter how hateful they were, she held her head high and never looked back. Women all over the world admired her determination and positive attitude.

Before she knew it, the men who were once attacking her online presence were now sending her messages and asking for advice. Ziba does not mind either, she loves using her presence for a positive cause and actively helps other influencers grow online. 

Voice of America – Dewa even arranged an interview with Ziba so she could talk about the scandals and rumors swirling that almost defamed her. This interview gave young women hope that they can rise above the hatred some men will throw their way.

For more information on what Ziba is doing next, follow her Instagram page at http://www.instagram.com/zebagulley

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