Navan Global Changes Lives One Heart at a Time

Navan Global Changes Lives One Heart at a Time

Financial freedom and stability are what everybody desires because less stress from having to live from paycheck to paycheck comes along with it. However, some are not aware of other ways to earn aside from working a 9 to 5 job. Kevin Mullens, an entrepreneur, author, movie producer, and keynote speaker, knows how valuable residual income is in creating true financial freedom, and he is a step closer to empowering others to do the same by being part of Navan Global. 

At a young age, Kevin has been devoted to the ministry while tagging along with his father’s small plumbing business. Unfortunately, due to the 2008 recession, their business had slowed down because of economic challenges which served as both opposition and opportunity for Kevin. Growing up in a home full of faith, he prayed with all his heart for guidance in looking for opportunities to help them find another source of income for the family. 

At that moment, he found a way to generate income without having to work a traditional job with limited earning potential and no security. He made it possible through network marketing. Amazed by the potential of upgrading people’s lives, he decided to give it everything he had. He saw it as an opportunity to take ministry and business to the marketplace. As his business grew, he gained recognition from multiple magazines such as Success From Home, Business From Home, Who’s Who, and Prosper Magazines. Kevin’s five successful personal development books were also birthed with the foundations of biblical teachings designed to help others reach their full potential. 

After 12 years of paying the price as a top-earning distributor, Kevin took a leap of faith and partnered up with industry icon Trey Knight at Navan Global as a co-owner. The two shared a shared vision to help ordinary people yield extraordinary results. Kevin stated, “We are creating a culture that honors God and empowers our members with kingdom principles so they can successfully navigate the complexities of life and manifest their God Dream.”

Navan Global aims to expose the potential that lives within everyone by providing the necessary skill-set to be the best versions of themselves. They pride themselves on being one of those companies who put their people first by ensuring every member that their products are of high-quality and their compensation plan outpays the industry standard. Certified clean CBD products, detox, and an energy shot loaded with mind and body fuel places their members in a strategic position wherein growth can be exponential. 

In comparison to other companies that solely rely on the products they sell, Navan Global focuses on market needs. They cater to what the market demands, which makes their model more sustainable in the long run. Besides, Navan Global is true to their promise that they help people first by offering a compensation plan that allows their members to take control of their finances by generating an additional stream of income to move families from just surviving to thriving. 

Navan Global is a company that stands on the shoulders of giants in the industry, Trey Knight and Kevin Mullens, who both knew that the empire they’re building is not an overnight success but a series of hard work and teamwork. They are inviting people to join their very diverse and colorful band of trailblazers to go change the world one heart at a time.

Visit Navan Global’s site to catch a glimpse of the home wherein they change the world one heart at a time or follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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