Basic Information and characteristics of Nano Barium titanate and piezoelectric ceramics

Piezoelectric ceramic is a functional ceramic material-piezoelectric effect that can convert mechanical energy and electrical energy. In addition to piezoelectricity, piezoelectric ceramics also have dielectric properties and elasticity. In modern society, piezoelectric materials, as functional materials for electromechanical conversion, play an important role in high-tech fields.

Ferroelectric ceramics are a type of piezoelectric ceramics whose main characteristics are:

(1) There is spontaneous polarization in a certain temperature range. When it is higher than a Curie temperature, the spontaneous polarization disappears and the ferroelectric phase changes into a paraelectric phase;
(2) the presence of a domain;
(3) When the polarization state changes, the dielectric constant-temperature characteristic changes significantly, peaks, and obeys Curie-Weiss’s law;
(4) The polarization intensity changes with the applied electric field strength to form a hysteresis loop;
(5) The dielectric constant changes nonlinearly with the applied electric field;
(6) Producing electrostriction or electrostrictive strain under the action of an electric field

Barium titanate is a ferroelectric compound material with high dielectric constant and low dielectric loss. It is one of the most widely used materials in electronic ceramics and is known as the “pillar of the electronic ceramic industry”.

BaTIO3 ceramics are research and development of relatively mature lead-free piezoelectric ceramic materials with high dielectric constant, large electromechanical coupling coefficient and piezoelectric constant, medium mechanical quality factor and small dielectric loss.

As a ferroelectric material, barium titanate (BaTiO3) is widely used in muti-layer ceramic capacitors, sonar, infrared radiation detection, grain boundary ceramic capacitors, positive temperature coefficient thermal ceramics, etc. The broad application prospects are known as the pillars of electronic ceramics. With the development of small, lightweight, reliable and thinner electronic devices and their components, the demand for high-purity ultra-fine barium titanate powder is becoming more and more urgent.

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