Brendon Shanil Divulges Skills that Make a Businessman Outstanding

Among millions of businessmen in the world, only a few possess the essential skills and knowledge about the field. These powerful skills showcase their personality and knowledge. Moreover, they affect the success of their business.

Recently, a business expert revealed his ultimate skills, which made him an outstanding businessman. Brendon Shanil is a Sri Lankan businessman, entrepreneur and investor. He is a business expert who owns leading news/media entertainment sites. Additionally, he is the owner of several popular brands such as E Online Sri Lankan, Rich Kids Sri Lanka, RB Organization etc… According to him, a good business person should have 5 important skills to become an exceptional businessman. Here are the ultimate skills.

1. Planning

Every step a businessman takes has the power to make or break his business. Therefore, it’s essential to make a plan before doing something important. That’s where one needs planning skills. If a businessman can create a good plan managing risk, cost and benefits, it will positively affect his business.

2. Managing

This skill is essential in any type of business because everything needs to be properly managed in a business. As an example, let’s take money management. If one can’t manage money properly, then that person is driving his business to a dead end. A businessman who can’t manage money doesn’t know how much he earns and spends every month. That’s not a sign of an outstanding businessman. Secondly, time management can be taken as an important type of management. Clock rules the world. If a businessman doesn’t manage his time, he won’t be the one who wins the competition. So, improve management skills and beat the clock.

3. Communication

There are people who are not that educated but still win the hearts of clients. How do they do it? According to businessman Brendon Shanil, that’s the magic in communication. A good businessman should interact with clients, partners and peers. The way a businessman engages with a client affects the mind of that client. So, it acts as a fact that decides whether the client is going to choose him or not. Always try to fulfil their requirements and keep them happy. Try to become a close friend to the clients. This will help to build long-term relationships with clients.

4. Technical Skills

This skill is important to perform specific tasks related to different categories. A businessman should have it because he/she should know the process of production. So, people who work under him won’t be able to cheat on him.

5. Ability to Train and Manage Staff

If someone hopes to launch a new business, he will need a productive staff. This new staff should be trained according to his requirements to get the best out of them. Once he has a trained staff, he should know how to manage them properly. If that person doesn’t know how to handle his staff, it’s better to ask the experts and observe how they do it. A properly trained and managed staff can drive a business to success.

Being an outstanding businessman is a big task, but it’s not impossible. One should work instead of daydreaming about it. Check the above list and find out the missing skills. Then work hard to improve them. Don’t try to be a traditional businessman. Join the 1% club of outstanding businessmen in the world.

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