Vlogmi’s Fight Against Fake News: “The Social Dilemma”

One of the most pressing issues in today’s society is the rampant spread of fake news. People online aren’t prone to fact-check a headline before sharing it to their friends and family. When they see a catchy, click-bait title, it fills them with emotion, making them think everyone else has to see this. According to a study from MIT, fake news is 70% more likely to be shared on Twitter than real news is; and it takes real news stories 6 times longer to reach 1500 users than it does for fake news. These statistics are quite scary to say least, and it is only growing.

This topic was covered in the incredible new Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma. The teenage son in the movie is shown becoming addicted to a political movement through social media’s algorithms. He is only seeing one side of a movement, and his teenage mind is becoming radicalized through all of the unhealthy content he is ingesting. We see this on all sides, all over social media; people are only shown what they want to see or have previously viewed, content that reassures they’re right in their stance. However, this is not necessarily healthy. Users should be seeing the truth of the matter, or a commentator’s analysis, no matter what side they are on. This is not only true for the teenager in the movie, millions of people on social media have fallen victim to false news or only being shown one side of the story. A fundamental change in how current events are recorded and shared must be made.

Vlogmi’s design is crucial in the fight against fake news. Users will be able to see multiple real-life perspectives from a protest, riot, or any sort of event and be able to see what is truly happening there. This will help people come to their own conclusions on the matter, rather than be swayed by a media company acting as a middle person and putting the spin of their own agenda on it. Vlogmi will be able to combat the spread of fake news, simply by the way the platform is designed. Only video footage and photos that are taken using the Vlogmi camera in the moment will be able to be posted onto the app. This puts the power of the media into individuals’ hands, a very powerful movement that will allow people to think for themselves. With Vlogmi there is no media company pushing a political or social agenda, it is just the first-person perspective of the event in real time. This feature alone also removes reposts. We see Facebook where everyone is constantly reposting the same video or photo, however on Vlogmi you would be seeing multiple perspectives rather than just the one that goes viral and gets spread everywhere.

Vlogmi also has a Blog feature. In this instance, the user could use these features during a protest. They could go to a protest and record and post video footage and take photos while they are there, maybe using a hashtag to support an event. Later on, they could expand on their experience in written form and add their previous vlog to a Vlogmi blog post. This feature would also help to put the power of the media into the hands of individuals. Using the hashtag would also allow people to see all posts using it. The way Vlogmi is built, each post would be unique and original. No more seeing the same post 100 times on the same hashtag.

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We believe that Vlogmi is going to be the new way of sharing current events. Vlogmi wants to push the narrative of a healthier social media platform, and we believe that combating fake news is one of the ways we can help make an impact in our world.

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