iThrivd App Propels Users To Financial Freedom Through Gamified Personal Finance

iThrivd is an exciting new app designed to help users budget, track expenses, and embark on a gamified personal finance journey through the use of incentives. The app encourages users to level up and reach various stages of Financial Freedom, which will translate into real-life financial responsibility. Available for free on the App Store and Google Play, users can start getting their finances on track today.

iThrivd creates a personalized solution by prompting users with a financial freedom questionnaire to place them in their initial Financial Freedom stage. Users will then be given a set of objectives relevant to their financial goals, in which they can level up and move through different stages. In addition to a fun, gamified finance management experience, iThrivd provides educational content, tips, and access to the app’s adjacent podcasts and books. 

Crucial aspects of financial management like budgeting and expense tracking are often overlooked. People don’t have the time, patience, or knowledge to learn how to manage their money properly. iThrivd’s comprehensive budgeting capabilities make financial management less of a chore and more of a thrilling, interactive game that can be managed through the convenience of a mobile app.

iThrivd offers over 120 unique personal finance challenges which users need to plan weekly. As players continue to achieve these goals, they will earn more XP, allowing them to level up through various Financial Freedom leagues. In this capacity, iThrivd strives to train and develop individual players’ mindsets to establish a level of discipline that will translate into their daily lives. Although the app has been mainly designed for educational purposes, it’s engaging and user-friendly platform will keep users entertained and always excited to learn more.

While creating major advancements, iThrivd plans to allow users to sync their accounts with major banks to automate the expense tracking function, which will make the overall experience smoother. The app also has plans to integrate algorithms and machine learning into its interface to offer users personalized financial recommendations based on an analysis of their financial data. 

iThrivd offers an exciting incentive in which users can receive the book series Becoming an Investor for free, simply by referring three friends who are interested in finding Financial Freedom through their app. The books provide a step by step guide to building sustainable wealth from the very beginning. Overall, iThrivd operates with the notion that mindset and disciplines are the key aspects of financial success, continually reinforced through its platform.

Designed to alter players’ perceptions on the realities of making and managing money, iThrivd offers a unique approach to budgeting and tracking finances by way of a fun mobile app. iThrivd empowers users to take complete charge of their financial freedom by instilling the most critical financial values into their mindsets. It does so by providing a challenging gaming experience that offers rewards and incentives every step of the way.

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