A Holy Grail For Digital Marketers: Landon Murie Shares The Strategy That Helped Him Take Over The Property Management Scene

A Holy Grail For Digital Marketers: Landon Murie Shares The Strategy That Helped Him Take Over The Property Management Scene

In the early 2000s, the internet was a thing of mystery for many people. However, as the world entered the 2010s, social media matured and digital marketing came into its own as a full-fledged industry. The new market has gained global popularity over the last 10 years, with both newcomers and veterans competing for space. 

What many digital marketers have failed to realize is that success is specialization. To fully take advantage of this booming field, you need to identify a niche and dominate it. This is the strategy that Landon Murie, Founder of GoodjujuMarketing, utilized in growing his business into the top agency for property managers and facility owners.

Goodjuju works only with property managers and this well-focused effort allows them to be specific about how they want to achieve results. They build amazing websites, create innovative SEO campaigns, and help in reputation management. Their array of services help their clients achieve more online prominence and bring more property owners and investors to their doorstep.

Finding A Niche

What sets Landon Murie and Goodjuju apart is the hyper-liner focus he has maintained on his niche in the market.

“I think it started with my insight and experience in the property management niche,” Landon speaks on how Goodjuju started. “Having previously been involved with a failed property management company, I at least had a really good understanding of who property managers are and what they need. I think this made it easy for me to market to property managers, speak their language, and get real results. Focusing on a niche that you know a lot about and know how to speak their language makes getting their attention and closing deals so much easier.”

Organizing Your Operations

“Getting into the market is the easy part, but for you to succeed you must have a definite plan and method for your business.”

“The biggest obstacle faced during the initial phase years ago was that it was just me, myself, and I,” Landon Murie shares about his experience. 

“The problem was actually my entire lack of systems and processes and just doing things on the fly. I had the talent and experience regarding local SEO, website design, etc, but I was really unorganized. I eventually figured it out through trial and error, research, and talking to other marketing agencies from who I learned and adopted some good ideas and strategies.”

Preparing For Uncertainties

2020 has been a classic example of how things can go wrong even in the most “shock-proof” industries. The effects of the pandemic have been felt all over the world, and digital marketers have not been excluded. 

Part of your formula when building your agency should be making your business resilient in the face of obstacles. Unfortunately, many companies have chosen to put things on hold or slow marketing efforts down. What they don’t realize is this is the best time to ramp up operations and gain more customers. This is what Goodjuju has been doing successfully.

“At Goodjuju we haven’t been too affected. We have grown significantly this year due to an enhanced marketing and sales strategy that has helped us scoop up more market share, even during this strange year. Our largest growth ever came right during the peak of the pandemic.”

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