The Poet Andrew Advocates Gender Equality Through His Music

The Poet Andrew Advocates Gender Equality Through His Music

The year 2020 will forever be an unforgettable year because it was the year that saw the world experience a total shutdown of all activities, social, economic, or religious, for the first time in over three decades. The Music Industry was not left out. While not many artists can boast of being productive during the lockdown, one name everyone can point to for remaining active and productive is Andrew Carson, popularly known as The Poet Andrew.

The Poet, Andrew, is an independent Rap artist based out of Queens, New York City. Although born in Texas, Andrew spent his childhood competing in poetry competitions, and from there, his deep passion and love for artistry and language developed. Since his debut in the music scene, The Poet Andrew has set himself aside as a unique artist, thanks to his ability to mix different styles and genres of music ranging from Hip-Hop to Alternative pop.

As a musician, The Poet Andrew believes music is the fastest way to spread your message to listeners, and therefore, every music artist must at least have something they stand for or a message they are passing across with their music. Hence, his introduction into activism via his music.  In 2019, The Poet Andrew dropped “Hold Faith,” a self-produced single aimed at spreading awareness and raising money to support the legislation for Transgender equality. And so far in 2020, even despite the pandemic, he was able to release an EP titled “Stargazer.”  The Poet Andrew considers art as a gateway to the mind and understanding. As music is a universal language, he uses his unique tools (creativity, expression, and dope beats) as a connective device to the rest of the world.

The Poet Andrew said, “I am a rapper, a singer and a producer on what separates him from his competition. I compose everything myself. My music is inherently unique because it does not fit a specific mold, especially when it comes to rap music. I skirt with the idea of crossing genres and making music that doesn’t have to be one-sided or limiting. What makes my sound distinct from the rest is that it is something that can only be made by me.”

The Poet Andrew describes himself as an independent rapper and singer who has been responsible for the production of all his works so far. He has been able to feature his music on major platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and VEVO, etc., all from his bedroom in Queens. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, The Poet Andrew was still able to release an EP with two bonus features and a music video, all while in quarantine. He feels that his story is a unique story about triumph and artistry and how, even though a pandemic grounded every sector of the world, he could take the music industry by storm and create music that brings people together.

The Poet Andrew, asked about his plans for the nearest future, hopes to reach a wider audience with his voice and message of love, emotion, hope, and peace. He also hopes to bring more people into his music world and get them to enjoy his music.

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