Gert Taeymans Launches IT Operations and Risk Management Consulting as an Online Offering

That brings the power of high-ticket, specialized consulting within reach of companies of all sizes.

December 15th, 2020 – Gert Taeymans is the founder and CEO of Gert Taeymans BV with over 30 years of professional and executive experience in worldwide IT operations and risk management. He has worked with companies in the US, Japan, and Europe. He now partnered with Info-Tech, the Canadian IT research firm founded in 1997 by Joel Mclean, where their combined expertise and knowledge bring actionable guides to companies worldwide.

When firms grow organically or via acquisitions, reliance on the knowledge of individuals quickly becomes untenable. The risk of working with single individuals versus having workable systems and processes in place hampers profitability. Simultaneously, people are typically wary of introducing “overhead” structures that potentially create barriers to efficient working.

When thinking about formalizing a new way of working or fixing gaps in your existing organization or processes, it is vital to ensure that the new methods are a cultural fit or cultural add to your company.

A company rarely struggles with all aspects of IT governance; therefore, the approach is to work with the client via online or offline sessions to determine their exact needs and then offer up a customized plan of action with clear deliverables and implementation steps.

That is important because a cause of IT governance failures or troubles is the inability to move from typically “fuzzy” or “theoretical” guidance to make it really work for your company.

Gert Taeymans and Info-Tech have brought research together from various disciplines like IT architecture, strategy and governance design, operations, security, application development and management, people and resource management, and financial operations into easy-to-digest blocks, entirely accessible online.

The online consulting experience can be customized to suit different budgets and ways of working within each company. Companies can opt from a “do-it-themselves” approach to fully guided implementations with several levels in between.

Gert Taeymans offers easy to access topical implementation guides, while through the partnership with Info-Tech, clients can opt for a holistic approach to their IT governance needs.

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