The Most important Maintenance skills of non burning brick machine

The reason why the non firing brick machine can produce a variety of brick products is because of the contribution of the mold. The quality problem of the mold directly affects the quality of brick products, so the mold process adopts the infiltration heat treatment process, and the gap between the upper and lower dies is uniform. In this way, more types of brick products can be produced.

There are certain requirements for the operators in the mold process of non burning brick machine equipment, and the staff should have certain knowledge of brick machine in the aspects of mold material, replacement and operation.

First of all, the special combined mold structure is adopted in the mold of the non burning brick machine, such as presser foot, wear, need to change parts, so as to save mold expenses. During the test run of the equipment, the gear oil is added to the reducer as required, and the lubricating oil is injected into each lubricating part to check whether the power supply meets the electrical requirements (three-phase 380V), After checking, turn on the power supply, and first debug whether the mold box and die head are free up and down, and see if there is any jamming, friction and other phenomena. If so, it is necessary to adjust the maintenance skills of non burning brick machine Leishi Chengxin equipment until it is up and down freely.

During the working process of the mold, the staff need to adjust the mold, release the mixer after mixing the materials, and then start the motor on the non burning brick machine equipment. When the lifting is stopped when the two hooks are engaged, put the appropriate wooden support plate on the vibration platform, and then start the lifting motor to drop the mold box onto the wooden support plate to stop. After that, shovel the mixed materials into the mold box and wait for materials After enough, start the down vibration for 3 to 5 seconds and stop, then use the material target to flatten the loading material of the mold box, pull the surplus material onto the ground with a rake, pull down the unhooking handle, the die head falls freely, start the upper and lower vibration motors, and other limit cards on both sides are jammed to stop the vibration. When the residual vibration completely disappears, start the elevator, wait for the hook to bite the motor to stop, and transport the finished unburned bricks and supporting plates with forklift for one week It’s over.

Mold is a tool used to shape objects. This tool is composed of various parts, and different molds are made up of different parts. It mainly realizes the processing of the shape of articles by changing the physical state of the formed materials. The mold selected by the non burning brick machine has the characteristics of wear resistance, durability and oxidation resistance. Therefore, after the use, the staff should clean the mold in time, regularly lubricate the mold, and often apply some lubricating oil to prevent rust, so as to prolong the service life of the mold itself.

There are many kinds of molds for non burning brick machine, and the pre inspection is needed for each trial run. In daily use, the maintenance skills of the non burning brick machine equipment, the use of the mold is very familiar to the operator, only continuous mold maintenance and improvement of the operation process can improve its service life.


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