LA Rental House Founded by Filmmakers to Close Diversity and Inclusion Gap Within the Media Industry

Filmmakers Launch New Club to Close Diversity and Inclusion Gap Within the Entertainment Industry.

A groundbreaking new company has been launched, giving minority groups and new talent access to state-of-the-art film production technology and the opportunity to tell their stories. is a modern delivery-only rental house based in Los Angeles changing the playing field of film production by remaking a model they feel has failed minorities and the marginalized for generations. They believe that anyone from any walk of life should have the same opportunity and access to fulfilling their potential as the next budding auteur, regardless of budget.

The solution is a simple but effective one. By providing affordable and round-the-clock access and support to professional film-making equipment at more accessible rates and a simple, streamlined booking process, FilmGearClub hopes to give a voice to those who have been previously excluded and those on the fringes of mainstream society whose stories need to be told.
“There’s so many ethnic and minority groups around the world, such as African-Americans, women, as well as emerging, undiscovered talent who historically haven’t been able to access the tools to tell their stories and make the movies that mean something to them,” explains the company’s president, Kareem Clarence Lawrence.

Lawrence adds, “Historically, the big three factors for who gets to tell stories and who didn’t were largely shaped by financial, political, and technical issues. Breakthroughs in the digital sphere have helped reduce production costs and opened the industry up to more people, but the current technology needed to produce a film is still costly and takes time to learn how to use it properly.”

FilmGearClub adopts a delivery-only, modern approach to the local equipment rental production house business. It provides members a safe, contactless cost-effective option to use the premium pro-grade gear for any of their projects through a monthly subscription plan that includes 24/7 support, gear protection against damage and theft, plus free pick-up and delivery. FilmGearClub aims to give all the benefits of equipment ownership without any of the hassles or costs.

Lawrence explains, “A lot of potential filmmakers and content creators are handicapped by a lack of tangible investment. The way we work helps combat that issue immensely, every dollar counts when it comes to making premium content. We offer a variety of subscription plans to suit any production budget. When you become a FilmGearClub member, you’ll save up to 70 percent on daily rental rates for gear from top brands such as RED, ARRI, Canon, Blackmagic, and many more. For a fraction of the usual day rate, we also offer access to state-of-the-art lighting, lens, and audio kits.”

FilmGearClub’s ethos is a simple one, as Lawrence shares, “We are here for the next generation of amazing storytellers and under-served groups who need the right tools to bring their unique perspectives to audiences their way. Anyone who wants to control their narrative and tell their own story in the way they want to tell it, and in a way they can afford, should get in touch with us today and find out how we can help.”

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