The Details on Tactical Rabbit’s Review of a Case Study on Providing Long-Term Strategic Solutions Tailored to Achieve Individualized Client Success.

December 18, 2020 – Tactical Rabbit, a private intelligence organization that delivers gold standard Intelligence and analysis, revealed through a case study of investigation into T-Mobile and Sprint Merger which says a lot on their competence level when it comes to top notch advocacy and world-class advisory services by deploying the use of sophisticated technical capabilities and expert human Intelligence tactics to accurately assess a client’s case, unearth options, and dig into the right ‘rabbit hole’ to vigorously attain the solutions and results desired by their clients.

Several media outlets claimed in late 2013 that telecoms giant Sprint Corp. and its parent company Softbank were seeking to buy a majority stake in T-Mobile, a telecommunications carrier. Tactical Rabbit was asked to investigate by an interested telecom investor to learn whether the multi-billion-dollar merger will be allowed.

The early odds favored the merger. Tactical Rabbit investigators got busy. “Tactical Rabbit has launched an intelligence operation, which allows us to profile many of the DOJ and merger decision makers,” said CEO Everett Stern. Commenting on the merger in a public report in June 2014, Stern stated, “I don’t believe that the Department of Justice will approve the deal.”

Tactical Rabbit built a behavioral profile of the Sprint and T-Mobile CEOs, and the key government regulators weighing the merits of the contract, by working closely with former CIA and FBI investigators. Stern decided early on, together with a shoe-leather review into the merits of the case, that the offer will fall through or fail to be accepted. The case exemplifies the full spectrum of the services of Tactical Rabbit.

The antitrust concerns were too great, and worries about price fixing too high. “Some people might call this a hurdle, but we believe it’s more of a wall. I do not think, based on our investigation combined with prior rulings from the government, that this merger will go through,” Stern wrote in June 2014.

In reality, only two months after the Tactical Rabbit report went live, the New York Times announced that after admitting that antitrust regulators would block a deal in an industry that is dominated by only a few big players, Sprint had abandoned its offer to acquire T-Mobile.

Tactical Rabbit had given reliable, actionable intelligence to its customer, allowing it to short Sprint stock and reap the benefits.

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