GP Reeves Finds COUNTERPART ETO ERP Flexibility Improves Time to Market for Custom Design Build

GP Reeves Finds COUNTERPART ETO ERP Flexibility Improves Time to Market for Custom Design Build

Wade Halma, General Manager of GP Reeves, a world leader in dispensing equipment and dispense automation, shared how COUNTERPART ETO ERP was the most flexible ERP when it came custom design projects. View video testimonial here

Halma noted, “We were looking for an ERP like COUNTERPART that was more flexible for our custom design build process. Out of all the ERPs that we evaluated COUNTERPART was the most flexible. It integrated seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS which was key for us. One of our competitive advantages is time to market, the turnaround time for launching custom fluid dispensing systems; we needed an ERP that supports that agility and COUNTERPART was much more flexible than other ERPs.” 

With 45 years of experience designing and building customer precision equipment, GP Reeves has become one the leaders in material dispensing. The company offers a complete line of grease, oils, ambient, and heated material dispensing equipment and automation. With a patented air removal process, GP Reeves supplies businesses with a low maintenance highly repeatable system built in Holland, Michigan. 


Unlike many ETO ERP solutions COUNTERPART is an engineering-centric solution.  Most ERP systems are back-office accounting solutions and distracted by CRM and other operational functions. COUNTERPART ensures there are no features which detract from focusing on the BOM (Bill of Materials) to address the fast-changing engineering challenges of ETO manufacturers.

COUNTERPART enables manufacturing teams to access the information needed to do the job. By offering a bi-directional software solution integrated with SOLIDWORKS® to share real-time information with those who need it, engineers and purchasing have a non-stop and instantaneous job progress status report. These COUNTERPART elements allow ETO manufacturers to leverage the information to improve engineering efficiency.

According to COUNTERPART Sales Manager Todd Clevenger, “When ETO manufacturers improve visibility into project monitoring and focus on challenges and opportunities for improvement, best-in-class lean manufacturing is achieved.”

Clevenger also noted that the project management capability with COUNTERPART enhances teams’ efficiency by configuring the software solution to meet the work environment and specific engineering needs. Every job is assigned to the right team member prioritized by release date, lead times, due dates, and more. Every engineering-focused manufacturer will appreciate the critical functionality focus.”

Watch this video to learn more. Call 616-738-8922 to schedule a demo. Follow COUNTERPART on Twitter at @COUNTERPARTERP.

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