Change-Maker Beyond The Game on Teaming Up With KJM Foundation to Impact Children’s Lives

Change-Maker Beyond The Game on Teaming Up With KJM Foundation to Impact Children’s Lives

The rights of children worldwide are clear-cut, having been set up globally through legally binding agreements, such as the UNCRC or the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. However, as reality demonstrates, to concur is easy but to make them available to all children is another story. Unfortunately, while the world has indeed seen a lot of progress in terms of promoting the welfare of children, issues of poverty, lack of education, malnutrition, violence, and more still run rampant. Believing that children deserve what they were promised, Beyond The Game has taken on the mission to give them the chance to live a life they deserve.

Beyond The Game is a 501c3 registered in the United States and a registered non-government organization in South Africa and Eswatini. Since its establishment, it has passionately committed to the goal of giving all children the best chance for a future where they could have a healthy start in life, have opportunities to learn, and be protected from harm. 

This purpose-driven institution was founded by Dr. Chanita Foster, focusing on providing services to African girls, fostering education, and delivering water. It takes pride in its staple programA Period is Not a Punishmentwhich was launched and funded once Beyond The Game grasped the concerning degree to which girls drop out of school or get kicked out for missing so many days due to their period. To address this problem, it has made it a priority to supply at least 100 girls a month with sanitary napkins, giving other people the chance to contribute to the cause by donating. 

Currently, Beyond The Game is making big moves toward making a difference in the lives of countless children. Proudly collaborating with the KJM Foundation and its founder, Emmanuel Kojo Jones-Mensah, this acclaimed venture hopes to provide multiple freshwater wells in Ghana. 

Its partner, KJM Foundation, is an international non-profit charitable organization registered in Ghana under the Registrar General’s Department, operating in line with the goal of empowering the youth and millennial subset of the population to take active charge in reforming the economy. Immensely dedicated to being at the service of communities, it banks on innovative approaches and policies in providing sustainable clean drinking water, school supplies for less privileged sectors, and youth leadership empowerment programs. 

Together, Beyond The Game and KJM Foundation have commissioned two water projects in Ghana, establishing their position in the industry as passion-fueled initiatives devoted to contributing to a better world. They are led by widely acknowledged entrepreneurs and are expected to rise further in the future. 

Additionally, both Dr. Chanita Foster and Emmanuel Kojo Jones-Mensah combined have donated over a million dollars of personal money in continued efforts to change the world. This proves a testament to the miles they are willing to go to translate their visions of a future consisting of healthy and empowered children into a reality.

Learn more about Beyond The Game by visiting its website.

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