Whimsifull Lets Parents Put Their Children At Center of Personalized Video Books

Read-aloud animated videos designed to spark love for reading.

Whimsifull has recently launched an exciting new way for parents and loved ones to get children interested in reading. In a time when approximately 45 million Americans are considered illiterate and statistics showing alarmingly high rates of children in public schools who are unable to read, Whimsifull hopes to light the spark for reading by using animated video adventures that place kids as the stars of the show.

Whimsifull is all online, so parents and loved ones can visit the website anytime to create a new action adventure starring their child. Video creation begins by choosing the child’s gender and entering his or her name. Then, a video is chosen. Currently, users can opt to have their children placed as the main character of “Galactic Getaway”. Other stories are in the making and will be available soon, including “Ocean Adventure”, “Hidden Treasure”, and “Saves The Day”. The child’s name is placed in the title; for a child named Jack, for instance, would receive a video adventure named “Jack’s Galactic Getaway” or “Jack Saves The Day”.

All videos are narrated with the words appearing on the screen, and the child’s name is spoken throughout the story.

“Your children will love seeing themselves come to life in a Whimsifull adventure,” said the team at Whimsifull.

One of the key components to ensuring healthy early childhood development is imagination, and Whimsifull works to capture the imagination of children in a brand new light. According to Whimsifull, this is a never-before-seen concept and platform, and the magical experiences offered through their personalized video books will help boost confidence while learning to read and enjoying imaginative play after the movie is done.

“When my 2 year old hears his name, he lights up,” said one recent customer.

The Whimsifull app makes it convenient for parents and loved ones to watch videos with their children on the go. Users simply order their movie and await for it to be ready for download.

Each video is 5-7 minutes long, offering an enjoyable watching experience that’s just the right length for watching on the go, at bedtime, or anytime.

Whimsifull is working to add new storylines and aims to offer the ability to add two custom characters per movie in the future. More information can be found at https://whimsifull.com.

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Whimsifull helps parents and loved ones spark a love for reading by creating personalized video books with their child as the star.

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