How a Seasoned Egyptian consultant awes the world by extending a $300M success to his company and his clients within 7 years

Feras Elghandour facilitates and helps professionals such as coaches and consultants get that triumphant six-figure goal in 9 weeks with his innovative sales system. Feras introduces “The High Ticket Consultant,” an out of the box training program that empowers people to market their services most profitably.

Feras Elghandour is a world-wide recognized customer acquisition expert, strategist, and business consultant. He helps service providers and professionals in acquiring high paying clients.

With exceptional skills and more than seven years of experience, Feras Elghandour engages in training professionals and service providers. He is proficient in effective customer acquisition and shares this new training program known as “The High Ticket Consultant.”

Feras Elghandour has facilitated his clients and achieved the objectives they didn’t even dare to set for themselves, showing a handsome profit figure of $300M+ for his Multi Million-dollar company and his clients. 

According to expert reports in 2020, Feras Elghandour is encouraging new people to step into the business with confidence and polish their marketing strategies. “The High Ticket Consultant” is a program for service providers and consultants who have excellent skills but cannot portray their brand as an exclusive and high end.

When we discuss the unique and easy to understand program, which is a creative initiation from Feras Elghandour, all there to observe is smart and practical ideas. The training program popular as “The High Ticket Consultant” claims to increase the sales hugely within two months. 

The ideas Feras is sharing with professionals in this training program primarily work on avoiding any straight-up errors that may damage a brand image. He would also help a small or beginner business or consultant, the best formula for gaining their clients’ trust. The information eventually leads to people happily spending thousands of dollars on the services. 

The remarkable number of positive reviews signifies Feras Elghandour’s training program, which has elevated income graphs for many brands.

“I don’t like to waste many words on praising my skills. You get what you are there for, the right ways to impress clients and increase sales. I want people learning from the program to achieve the prime of their business in just one month.” Added Feras Elghandour, Co-Founder, The High Ticket Consultant.” You need to realize your worth before expecting customers or clients to trust the services. Make the world see you as a high-end and reliable brand.”

Feras Elghandour is not just a consultant. He is a brand that has acquired more than fifty accreditations from leading specialists in the industry during his 7-year career. His marketing campaign designs are always swift, functional, and useful for the hundreds of clients and many other projects in line. 

At the moment, we can safely say that Feras’s program is one of the most operative and market-friendly tool. The award-winning strategies he shares in this sales system have exceptional lead generation and conversion sales. Feras Elghandour cherishes offering free masterclasses besides one-to-one consultations to support the business community.

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