Entrepreneur Adem Atbas Explains How Coronavirus Led Everyone To The Digital Industry

Stating that the digital sector software developers have become important in this changing world especially after the coronavirus spread throughout the world, entrepreneur Adem Atbas said, “The coronavirus has led the world to the digital sector. The importance of software developers have increased during the pandemic and digital sector has become an inevitable market for the new era.”

With the unexpected Covid-19 catasthrope, transition to the new world through the digital sector is being advanced. Adem Atbas, who takes advantage out of the crisis as a step of the rise in the digital environment, produces online projects and partners with start-up projects. After reaching the main target with success, Adem Atbas also wants to be successful in larger-scale projects. Considering the fact that corona virus pandemic still continues, creating a brand new digital project that can be reached by the whole world via internet is much profitable. Adem Atbas states that the most effective and easy method to create brand awareness and reach out the customers is digital world but also reminds that this is not the easiest thing to achieve.

Many countries’ economies collapsed due to the quarantine lock-downs. Atbas says, these are the consequences of transition to a new world era from the old world. He adds, especially after the corona virus pandemic, digital marketing world will be contain much more diverse project and will become a wider platform to reach larger demographic masses. The point is to make inferences from this pandemic, is to create identities in this digital world and to increase the quality of the digital projects.

Based on his previous projects and experience from the past, Atbas supported many companies to create their digital identities. The companies that Atbas supported became successful and after this success, he stepped into the larger-scale businesses with his all references. In 2020, with the rise of digital projects, programming knowledge became very crucial.

Adem Atbas works on the software, e-commerce and mobile applications creation, as an entrepreneur who is trying to adapt to this changing world personally. Adapting this new era of the world has become a necessity rather than a normal transition because of the corona virus situation. Knowing this, Atbas says that the corona virus has taught us a lot to learn but it has provided the fastest process of meeting the new era of the digital world that have difficulty in adaptation to this era.

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